The Le Louchebem restaurant of Toulouse !!!

One of my favorite cities in France, and of sentimental value as there was family from the wife’s side! Of course, we have come here often and several posts in my blog, but I feld this place needs to be told more and we love it! Let me tell you on one of our first visits to the Le Louchebem restaurant at 3, place Victor-Hugo ; Loges 3, 4 et 5, this is inside the Marché Victor Hugo market! (see post), Sublime ! Hope you enjoy it as I

The Le Louchebem opened its doors in 1994, above the Victor Hugo market. And we were there on our visits in the late 1990’s even if the family picture is from 2010, This traditional establishment is a family home that makes both   restaurant and butcher shop. It holds the title of Master Restaurateur. The cuisine prepared here is made from fresh and carefully chosen products. The setting is picturesque, the atmosphere friendly, the service as professional as smiling. That is to say if it is a good address for the local Toulousans as for visitors passing through. It is essential to taste the homemade specialties, as hearty as delicious as our favorite cassoulet. The Févoulet is the ancestor of cassoulet and is a very old Occitan recipe made with beans, duck confit, pork rinds and sausage, before the féves especial beans are replaced by the white beans brought back from Latin America in the 16C. For over 20 years, every first weekend of the month at the Victor-Hugo marketLe Louchebem has been honouring its sublime féves bean cassoulet to the delight of its loyal clientele. There are also the classic cuts of meats such as the faux filet steaks XL , XXL , and XXXL; the   veal kidney, XXL beef fillet. And the plate of the 4 meats “La Gilbe” with walnut, bib, faux fillet, steak , the works, only meat eaters allowed lol ! A very busy place of 12h lunch.  Every time I passed in Toulouse I find with great pleasure this place of sharing and for lovers of good meat and cassoulet . The pleasant terrace, the service always professional, smiling and caring waiters and waitresses. Don’t miss it while in Toulouse.


And where is it? One of the best spots in Toulouse; here is a brief history. It was not until 1827, after the demolition of the ramparts surrounding the heart of the city since the Middle Ages, that the square where the Victor Hugo market stands today will be built. It took place in 1827 under the name of Place du Marché-au-Bois and hosted from its inception a market with wood, fodder and then flea market. The Place du Marché-au-Bois was renamed the Place Victor Hugo in 1886 at the occasion of a coronation of the poet by the Floral Games. In 1892, the new Victor Hugo market was inaugurated. Under its metal halls there were 283 shops. Modern and functional, it is the largest covered market in Toulouse. It was in 1959 that the current market-parking was born. this new Victor Hugo market which will become the first paid car park in Toulouse, with 670 parking spaces and a market of 100 exhibitors. It went again renovations in 2016 and now it is sparkling wonderful even better place to be at in Toulouse.See my post on it for more,

The official Le Louchebem resto :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Le Louchebem :

There you go folks, another dandy in the pink city of Toulouse. Wonderful town, and lovely folks , and great memories of forever ! Do not missed the town, and of course cannot missed Le Louchebem or rather come in just for it, all worth it I say. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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