More of the Church Notre Dame du Taur of Toulouse !!!

I walked by the Church Notre Dame du Taur many times , and finally went in. It has been a must stop ever since, a gem not to be missed. I have written a couple posts on it but found me new older pictures that should be in my blog. Therefore,, here is more of the Church Notre Dame du Taur of Toulouse. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

This again is more of the wonderful Church of Notre-Dame-du-Taur (taur=horns in the local occitan language) is located at 12 bis rue du Taur, between the Place du Capitole and the Basilique Saint-Sernin, in the center Toulouse.


In the 3C, the history of Toulouse was turned upside down. Saturnin or Sernin, first bishop of the city, is martyred by the Romans. He is tied to a bull which drags him through the ancient city. It crosses the rampart and follows the Roman road, the current rue du Taur , at the end of which stands the basilica of Saint-Sernin (see posts). Notre Dame du Taur Church would have been built on the very spot where the body of the martyr would have detached from the bull. Interesting above all for its history, which is told through a golden fresco above the altar, the very sober church houses a beautiful black virgin, Notre-Dame du Rempart, dressed in brocade.

The facade of the Notre Dame du Taur Church, in which the portal opens, is embedded in the alignment of the houses. It looks like a large brick wall, a monumental steeple-wall, Although it is not the oldest in the region, it is one of the highest, since it culminates at 42 meters. It comprises two levels framed by turrets and surmounted by a triangular pediment, which rise above the level of the church, marked by the withdrawal of the wall. The portal, in Gothic style, has the shape of the portal of the church of the neighboring convent of the Cordeliers, (see post), also erected at the beginning of the 14C. It is flanked by two large niches, which house statues under a trefoil arcade. The primitive statues, which disappeared during the French revolution, were replaced by two statues from the chapel of Rieux, demolished in 1846, representing Francis of Assisi and an apostle,


The Grand Orgue or Organ of the Church Notre-Dame du Taur was built June 17-18, 1880, At the time, it appeared to be the most innovative and richest organ in Toulouse, but also in all of the South of France. This organ is distinguished by the brilliance of its reeds and the poetry of its backstops the harmony of the backgrounds is generous and dark, that of the reeds of a large choir of uncommon power and roundness, the timbres details are refined, the flutes, all bell-shaped, of an exquisite roundness, It is ideal for playing symphonic, neo-classical and contemporary music , It is today one of the most remarkable witnesses of the craftsmanship of Eugène Puget, It has not yet undergone major restoration. In 1939, Maurice Puget modified the composition of the Positif.



Be aware that between spring 2023 and autumn 2025, a construction site will be set up in rue du Taur . Its Notre-Dame du Taur Church will be renovated ! The objective is to restore all the works while keeping the heritage character of the place, intimately linked to the martyrdom of Saint-Sernin. The restoration of the Church of Notre-Dame du Taur and its works will also be completed by accessibility and fire safety improvements, with particular attention paid to the restoration of the gallery organ and a development component / heritage mediation, Wonderful, great news indeed !

The Toulouse tourist office on the church

There you go folks, another dandy in my belle France, and lovely territory of many memories from and with the family over the years. Again, very nice area ,hope you enjoy the post on the Church Notre Dame du Taur in Toulouse, the pink city!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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