The Church Saint Pierre of Motreff !

In my road warrior trips in my lovely Bretagne of my belle France! This is awesome, I found me a new town !! ; more amazing sights to show in my blog for me and to the world, This was part of on the road again warrior as was planning to go another town and took a side road C1 to see a new route and passed by Motreff !!,it is in department 29 of Finistére. So another off the beaten path gem and see the nice Church Saint Pierre of Motreff on the communal road C1 or route de la Montagne. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The town of Motreff is located on the border of those of Morbihan 56 and Côtes-d’Armor 22 and south of Carhaix.The western part of the town is crossed by the D 769 going from Lorient to Roscoff via Gourin, Carhaix and Morlaix, I came up on this road, then bear off on the C1 as above. The town is about 92 km from my house.

The monument that made me stop here was the parish Church of Saint-Pierre ,it dates from the 17C. The construction is in the shape of a Latin cross with a canted apse, The High altar in a curved tomb, 17C. At the two side altars, altarpieces with two columns and curved cornice, 18C or early 19C; in the counter-tables, paintings of the Rosary, to the north, and of Purgatory, to the south, painting on canvas. The Choir enclosure with balusters at the side altars only. Stalls in place in the choir , It has old statues, in wood: of Saint Anne in the porch; – in painted and gilded wood: Christ on the Cross, 18C, Holy Trinity 16C, two adoring Angels, Virgin and Child, Saint Peter, Saint Corentin, Saint Leuffroy bishop, reliquary bust of an unidentified saint. Painting of the Crucifixion, painting on canvas, above the door to the porch. The current church shows remains of the 16C construction: transept vaults, interior door of the south porch and part of the west gable; reconstruction from 1763 to 1768; south porch bears the date 1767; font chapel in 1834.

Motreff ch Saint Pierre front mar23

A bit of history I like

The motte castrale of Kergorlay dates from the 11C or the 12C as the story goes Jean de Kergorlay was crusader in 1096 (First crusade); Pierre III de Kergorlay was crusader in 1249 (Seventh crusade) and 1270 (Eighth crusade), his name and arms appear in the Salle des Croisades of the Palace of Versailles , The lords of Kergorlay had right of preeminence in the parish church of Motreff and their arms appeared on the main window of the parish church built in the first half of the 16C, right which was recalled during the construction of the current church in 1767, Motreff was one of the towns of Finistère where the slate activity was the most important with about thirty slate quarries were in activity around 1848, all initially exploited in the open air, except that of Lescollet, The slate quarry of Lannezval was the last to be close its doors in Finistère in 2001,

The other things to see here are

The motte castrale of Kergorlay located on the road D22 to Plévin. There are traces of several members of the Kergolay family, owners of the motte, from the 12C. The family died out in 1380, . The Calvary ,date from the 16C, of the type with three close shafts as at Saint-Hernin. Crosses deprived of their thieves. On the main cross, the risen Christ on the reverse of the Crucifix; Virgin and Saint John on bases, Saint Michael slaying the dragon in bas-relief against the shaft, Virgin of Mercy supported by two holy women at the foot of the shaft.

Motreff ch Saint Pierre calvaire mar23

The town of Motreff on its history :

There you go folks, a huge off the beaten path town north of me, This is Motreff, and its worth the detour me think, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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