The Basilica minor Saint Sauveur of Dinan , part II !!

I am taking you back to the north of my quant beautiful Dinan. I like to tell you more with new found pictures of the Basilica minor Saint Sauveur! Hope you enjoy the post as I,


Dinan is of course in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of my lovely region of Bretagne. It is an area worth seeing indeed, and one reason is very popular to visitors of Brittany.  As said, have written several posts on Dinan, but this time will tell you more of one monument that needs special attention for a visit. This is the Basilica Church of Saint Sauveur.



The Basilica Church of Saint-Sauveur has its origins in the early 12C, around 1123, The original church of Saint-Sauveur was smaller and it was in the 15C that it was enlarged to its present size, with the addition of two transepts, a side nave to the north and a choir area. The original church of Saint-Sauveur was in the roman style, and the 15C modifications are in the flamboyant gothic style. The parts that remain of the original roman style building are therefore the lower part of the facade and the south wall of the nave. You can see three romanesque arches, each with several columns and carved capital stones. The side arches are blind arches that contain two statues each that represent the saints, although these were severely damaged during the wars of religion. The higher part of the facade is in the later gothic style, and was also added during the expansion of the church in the 15th century. The south wall of the church is also from the 12C and has a series of blind arches separated by columns.


Inside, the Basilica Church of Saint-Sauveur has a traditional cross layout with a transept , and an apse with five chapels. The main walls, because they were built at different times, are quite different in style, The older wall (wall, on your right when you enter the basilica) has numerous romanesque arches, all closed on the lower level but several open with stained-glass windows on the upper level, as well as corinthian style columns. The left wall has a series of large, gothic style arches to separate the main nave from the side nave. The stained glass windows are not very old, with most added n the 19C and 20C, but are interesting to see. The most noteworthy is a window showing the four evangelists and four saints from Brittany in one of the chapels in the side nave, The two chapels of Sainte-Barbe and Saint-Éloi are joined against the pillars of the cross with a barlong plan.



The Dinan Cap Fréhel tourist office on Dinan

The Val de Rance or valley of the Rance river on the Basilica minor Saint Sauveur :

The Bretagne region tourist office on the heritage of Dinan

There you you go folks, a bit more on wonderful Dinan and its beautiful Basilica Minor Saint Sauveur a well merited stop while here. Another jewel of my lovely Bretagne and belle France. Again, hope you enjoy this second post on the Basilica as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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