The sights of Port Navalo !!!

This is the gorgeous presqu’île de Rhuys peninsula in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. I come here often to the wonderful Port Navalo. Again, I found me some older pictures not yet in my blog and they should, Therefore, here is a bit more on the sights of Port Navalo ; hope you enjoy the post as I

Let me tell you, this is a harbor area with the sea, beaches, boats of all sorts and great seafood restaurant to boot. We love it!!! It is about an hour from my house. I have written before on Port Navalo as said we come here often even to ride tandem bikes!  You take the expressway N165 from Vannes along the Nantes Brest axis,direction Nantes   and get off at exit or sortie Sarzeau, Rhuys on the road D780, all the way to the end.

The Grande Plage de Port-Navalo ; which is ,also, the best. aka  Port Blanc plage:. Located on the tip of the Rhuys peninsula, this pleasant sandy beach is particularly popular with families. The services nearby are numerous: parking, first aid station, picnic tables, restaurants, beach clubs and playground. Little extra: The Breizh Sable Tour stops here every year for a week to introduce children to the art of sand sculpture free of charge.

Port Navalo grande plage and rocks sep12

I have told you about the La Grande Cale resto on 29 rue Général de Gaulle which is actually sitting between the big beach and the port walking distance leaisurely easy. A pleasure to tell you, good food and great views.



This Port Navalo port also hosts five maritime transport companies offering the possibility of carrying out cruises on the Gulf of Morbihan, with or without stopovers, to Île aux Moines, Île d’Arz, Gavrinis and the Auray River. Other destinations such as Belle-île-en-mer, Houat and Hoëdic are also possible from Port-Navalo. Some companies also offer regular crossings between Port-Navalo and Locmariaquer from April to the end of September.


Port Navalo harbor inner bay aug11

The Pointe de Bilgroix dolmen looks like a long corridor about 10 meters long, on which only a single cover stone rests, enclosed in a restored cairn of dry stones established in two successive facings . A vertical slab closes the corridor to the west. The monument dates from prehistoric times, around 2700 BC., The Pointe de Bilgroix or tip of Belgroix is exposed to the winds, offers a 180 degree view of the Gulf of Morbihan. On one side the entrance and on the other the islands and the currents of the Gulf of Morbihan. At this point is a granite statue of Sainte Anne (Patroness of Brittany), erected on July 26, 1988.



You take the coastal path on foot leaving the Logeo, the coastal path passes over the dyke of the Pen Castel mill, one of the most beautiful tide mills in Brittany. The path then runs through a succession of classified tips like St Nicolas, Kerners, Penbert, Le Monteno, Bilgroix, and opens up different perspectives on the Gulf of Morbihan and the islands. On the way you can observe several megaliths, such as the tumulus called “Butte de Tumiac” aka “Butte de César” or the covered alley of Graniol north of the town of Arzon. After skirting the tips you will reach the bay of Port Navalo and its traditional port. Once animated by fishing, it is now a holiday resort. The view dominates the currents of the narrow inlet that marks the entrance to the gulf and its islands that close the horizon. Opposite, you can see the shores of Locmariaquer. After rounding the tip of Port Navalo, your steps will lead you to the Chemin du Petit Mousse, named after the tomb where an unidentified young sailor whose body was washed up on the coast is believed to be buried. And I am not a walker but this is a wonderful path to take, very nice views !

The ports of Arzon on port Navalo

The tidal waves info on Port Navalo:

My fav beach site plages tv on the main beach of Port Navalo:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on the Grande Cale resto

The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Grande Cale resto

There you go folks, a wonderful place to be especially in Summers, You should stop by  Port Navalo in Arzon, in the Rhuys peninsula of my beautiful Morbihan. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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