The Church of Saint André of Val d’Oust !

The new town of Val d’Oust  since 2016 and formerly Le Roc Saint André from 1951  was the town where one of my boys worked and has a wonderful brewery reasons to visit a few times, However, I came back to it for the memories and to bring you more of its wonderful Church of Saint André. This post is new text and new pictures. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Val d'Oust Ch Saint André front jan23

At the origin of the village had a simple Chapel ,the Chapel of Rotz  which becomes in 1608  the Chapel of the Roc  and at the French revolution, Pont du Roc. First erected as a town in 1790 and in parish in 1802 , the town takes in 1951 its current name of Le Roc-Saint-André, and last became, on 1 January 2016, a common delegate of the new town of Val-d’Oust. It merges with the towns of La Chapelle-Caro and Quily within the new municipality of Val-d’Oust. (see their posts).

Val d'Oust Ch Saint André altar jan23

Val d'Oust Ch Saint André nave to altar jan23

The Church of Saint André was first a trevial church built in 1608, in the ogival style and, having become dilapidated, was razed in 1901 ,thenwas rebuilt between 1901 and 1903. The church adopted a one-vessel Latin cross plan with a steeple 35 meters high, The neo-Gothic Church of Roc Saint-André is part of the great movement of reconstruction of churches that marked the 19C. The vast bays with flamboyant fenestrations, concentrated on the south facade, bring a very great luminosity to the interior of the church. To the west, the Cornish-inspired bell tower is flanked by a staircase turret and bears a granite masonry spire

The oils on canvas of Lhermitais date from the 18C, and come from the abbey of Roga (Saint-Congard), destroyed during the French revolution. The side altars are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart. A statue of Saint  Andrew, the patron of the parish, appears on the façade dominating the Canal Nantes Brest on the Oust river.

Val d'Oust Ch Saint André chapel ste Anne side right jan23

Val d'Oust Ch Saint André arriving back statue St André jan23

The new town of Val d’Oust on its heritage:

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on Val d’Oust St Andrew’s Church:

There you go folks , some more interesting trips off the beaten path in my beautiful Morbihan.  Again ,hope you enjoy the new post with new pictures of the Church Saint André now in the new town of Val d’Oust as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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