The Tour du Connétable of Vannes !!!

So you know Vannes is my capital city and administrative center for us. It was as well for 9 years my place of work, just outside city limits, and we go there every week at least once ! Therefore, I have written plenty about Vannes in my blog; but as often the case there are some missing parts.. I found me more pictures of this wonderful monument and they need to be in my blog, Therefore ,here is more on the Tour du Connétable in the ramparts of Vannes,  See my other posts on the ramparts of Vannes! Hope you enjoy this post as I.

vannes tour du connetable ramparts apr21

The  tour du Connétable or Constable tower was built in the first half of the 15C, is a building integrated into the ramparts of Vannes in Morbihan. Despite its fortified appearance, resolutely turned towards the defense of the city, and although the tower has artillery casemates in the lower room, the initial destination of the Constable’s tower was to house the chief of the Duke of Brittany’s armies. . Its name therefore comes from its function, the most illustrious representative of which was Arthur III of Brittany known as “the Constable of Richemont”, Constable of France and Duke of Brittany.

vannes tour du connetable afar aug18

The Constable tower is located on the eastern flank of the second wall of Vannes, south of the Powder Tower and north of the Garenne spur. At its feet is the public garden which extends along the ramparts, a garden itself bordered by the Marle, the “river of Vannes” Extra-muros, the tower is visible from rue Francis Decker. The tower is also visible from the Promenade de la Garenne located to the east of it. Within the walls, the tower is visible from Place Lucien Laroche as well as from Rue du Rempart.The tearing away of the walls on either side of the cant, visible from the Rue des Remparts side, shows that the tower was part of a second enclosure protecting the lower courtyard of the Château de l’Hermine.(see post)

Vannes tour connetable garenne garden cathedral on back feb18

The Tour du Connétable has five levels as well as a poultry yard at street level on the intramural side. Part of this farmyard still exists. This is made up of several parts. Tower rounded on the outside and heptagonal on the inside comprising five levels with an outer turret which houses the spiral staircase serving the 3 upper floors, the two lower levels being served by another circulation system. The upper three floors include three polygonal rooms. The third floor is illuminated by high mullioned windows and includes a monumental fireplace. The lower level includes a low battery in casemates opened by sight cannons almost invisible from the outside because they are buried under the modern embankments of the Garenne gardens.


The Constable’ tower was affeagated in 1676 following the disappearance of the military interest of the fortifications. The City of Vannes regained ownership of the building in 1786 and used it for the confinement of mentally unstable people and girls of bad life In the 18C, the tower was used as a prison, especially during the French revolution when emigrants captured in 1795 during the Quiberon affair (see post) were locked up there.

vannes tour du connetable to cathedral back apr18

Passing through town in 1834, Victor Hugo made a drawing of the Constable’s tower. In 1890, Albert Robida illustrated his book La Bretagne with the washhouses of Vannes and the ramparts, the Constable’s tower and the Old Town in the background.

The City of Vannes on the Tour du Connétable :

The Local Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the ramparts:

There you go folks, a wonderful monument to see each time by the City, the Tour du Connétable is a sight to see, not to forget the wonderful gardens and ramparts that surround it ; sublime Vannes ! Hope you enjoy this additional post on the Tour du Connétable of Vannes as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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