More on the Church Saint Joseph of Pontivy !!

I am again telling you of my beautiful Morbihan  in my lovely Bretagne. Again, I have written several posts on Pontivy and mentioned this church but found me new older pictures and feel they should be in my blog. I will tell you a bit more including the new pictures on the Imperial Church Saint Joseph of Pontivy. Hope you enjoy it as I.

pontivy ch imp st joseph bell tower feb20

The Church of St. Joseph is located on Rue Nationale, it was built in the heart of the Napoleonic district of the city (city was known as Napoleonville) between 1863 and 1867, thanks to an imperial grant granted by self name Emperor Napoleon III during a visit to the city. As the Imperial subsidy was exhausted on that date, the work was interrupted and the Church remained unfinished. This Church is open in Summer, so check schedules with the tourist office for opening dates and hours. Inside photos are not allowed.


pontivy ch imp st joseph side feb20

The arms of the self name Emperor Napoleon III are inlaid on the stained glass of the eastern arm of the transept, on the keystone of the apse of the Choir and under the railing of the bell tower-steeple outside. The elements that form the coats of arms are: the Crown, the Imperial mantle, and the signs of the sovereign authority such as the scepter and the hand of righteousness; the Eagle is still present because it symbolizes the military victories and the necklace of the Legion of honour. The “E” of the Empress Eugenie (of Spain) and the “N” of Napoleon III are located in the center of the stained glass of the west arm of the transept and on the floor of the Choir, topped by the Imperial Crown and surrounded by bees, as well as in the center of the west arm of the transept. The bee symbolizes immortality and resurrection and creates a bond also between the Empire and the origins of France.


pontivy ch imp st joseph right side feb20

I have written a full article post on the Imperial Church Saint Joseph, so really not much else, this post is to show you the pictures of it not yet posted on the previous post, Enjoy them as I do and always looking forward to go inside eventually.

pontivy ch imp st joseph back chevet feb20

The Parish of Pontivy on the St Joseph Church :

The City of Pontivy on the church in pdf format file

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on St Joseph Church in Pontivy:

There you go folks, another nice stop in your route of Bretagne ,and especially my dear home dept 56 of Morbihan. The Imperial Church Saint Joseph of Pontivy is worth the detour to see it. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. A good looking building for sure.

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