Memories of Auray !!!

As the old saying says, see your country first and the world later. Well , not that I have not seen my Brittany, but now more so. This is the administrative first town of us moving to the Morbihan dept 56 and we have been many many times here and many many posts, However, why not tell you of our daily lives in my belle France, This is the off the beaten path of many but really needed to know the country better, Hope you enjoy my memories of Auray as I

A bit sadder as now missing my dear mom Gladys, wife Martine and latest dad Elio , we are left with me and my three young men, We still need one more trip for the ashes to Honfleur Normandy and in the meantime think of places to go. Let me tell you about some of our normal weekly errands in Auray. Paris is Paris and it seems all think is France lol! Well the central government have done a good job of moving everything there lol ! , but most came from the regions….

We did some grocery shopping at the supermarket Super U l! We shop here once in a while when in a hurry or convenience sake as normally is crowded as folks from the beaches come up to load up for their apartment/hotels etc. We have one in our town but we always on the run lol!!! The Super U Auray :

Next door and part of the  Les Mousquetaires group is the home supplies store Brico Marché where we shop as well, The Brico Marché Auray :

Auray Brico marché front jan23

Even thus is not the season we have come here since moving to the area back in 2011 and my dear late wife Martine and boys love it, This is the  L’Igloo ice cream, 60 rue du Château down in Saint Goustan port, Many flavors, great friendly service and good prices love it, Their Facebook page:


We have ordered many times from Domino’s pizza where is just a take out service, We ordered in advance and on our way home picked up the pizzas, Just great service and excellent prices on Thursdays pizzas are for 8 euros, A nostalgic look back to our American past, webpage :

auray dominos pizza store aristide briand RF et NF aug18

One of our nostalgic ways and do’s is when my dear wife Martine would take my business suits for cleaning at Alre Pressing 24 Rue Aristide Briand in Auray, The service was always nice prompt and neat, still past by it and memories flash in my mind even if no need to use them anymore in my retirement, No webpage

auray alre pressing MF did for me may19

While doing errands we need to eat too ! While waiting for the stores to open at 14h we had our lunch with simple American style sandwiches of tuna, ham, and chicken and of course a round of good Grimbergen Belgian beers at…..well we never been but it was very nice, friendly folks and good deal Restaurant Le Grenier inside the Super U commercial center in Auray. An impromtus lunch but nice with the boys, we enjoy it and the server was a nice guy too. Just to show France can have good things even in the least expected place and no star Michelin but a star from us. We will be back! The RestaurantGuru reviews on the resto:



So, here we are just doing our daily life in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. The best experience so far, if only those wonderful missing persons in our life were here oh la la la! Memories of many travels, never to be forgotten and a thank you for all that was given. We will continue in our neck of the wood after all , we will be walking known routes, spots, etc for memories’s sake, Hope you enjoy this most personal post and to get an idea of when other posts are done with experience, love, and caring for the world. No need for medals, diplomas or awards, we are humans. And do see my other many posts on Auray.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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