More on the Abbey Church Saint-Sauveur of Redon !

I am again back at you with new older found pictures in my vault and they should be in my blog. This is a wonderful monument in an off the beaten path city of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. Let me tell you again a bit on the Abbey Church of Saint Sauveur of Redon. Of course, Redon is in Ille et Vilaine dept 35 .  As I mentioned the town before, see my several posts on it.Hope you enjoy this post as I.

Overlooking Quai St Jacques stands the former abbey of Saint Sauveur de Redon, one of the most important in Brittany in the Middle Ages. It was established there by St Conwoïon in 832 with the support of Nominoë future 1st king of Brittany.



It has a magnificent Romanesque tower and an isolated bell tower with a stone spire from early 14C, which would have been doubled if the facade had been completed. It is also the most prestigious Romanesque monument in Brittany. The current nave dates from the 11C. In addition to its choir is, also from early 14C. Since the 14C, the bell tower, perched 67 meters, has been separated from the rest of the monument. The Abbey Church Saint Sauveur has an imposing stained glass windows, medieval frescoes, a 17C altarpiece and a 15C polychrome wooden Virgin are all to be discovered.


The Abbey Church Saint-Sauveur is one of the parts of the Saint-Sauveur Abbey, the rest of the consensual buildings became a high school. The Church is located on the north side of the Abbaye Saint-Sauveur, in the immediate vicinity of the city/town hall. In 1649, Cardinal Richelieu, had the buildings rebuilt In the 20C, the Eudist congregation bought the buildings to found a college, today a Catholic high school under contract with the State.



The city of Redon on its architectural gems like the church :

The local South Brittany tourist office on the abbey church

The friends of the abbey association

There you go folks, another curiosity wonder of my lovely Bretagne, which been a peninsula is much away and seldom seen, but I am telling you been in many places of our world and this is a find indeed. Hope you enjoy this post on the  Abbey Church of Saint Sauveur as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Great Writing and information about Abbey Church , Cheers

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  2. Great building and very good history.

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