Au Bureau ,one two punch Brest and Séné !!!

This is a memorable foodie spot in our lovely Bretagne. This time is very far apart one close to me in Séné in my beautiful dept 56 of Morbihan and the other a bit farther in the neighboring dept 29 of Finistére . I like to bring back to life our wonderful experiences in the Au Bureau restaurant. Hope you enjoy the post as I

First, we stumbled upon the Au Bureau restaurant while in our walks of Brest and it became our favorite to my dear late wife Martine for its fondue camembert dish and the ice cream of nine scoops! However, on subsequent visit we found out it had closed and they had the new restaurant call Au Pub! Needless to say they could not do the fondue camembert dish anymore but did for us the nine scoops of ice cream ! Nice! Pic of old Au Bureau below

brest au bureau old resto ent Nov12

It is at same location Restaurant Au Pub ,10 Rue de Siam, Brest This brasserie-restaurant is also a bar whose menu of cocktails, beers and whiskeys is ideal to have a good time. Located at the bottom of the Rue de Siam , this friendly restaurant welcomes you for a well-deserved lunch break or a casual dinner with friends. Hearty dishes will be served in the dining room or on the terrace, and you can enjoy the festive atmosphere of this great  pub summer and winter. Indeed worth the stop even with the new name. Wonderful family memories indeed. Below pic dear wife Martine and son going in!!



They have a Facebook page:

However, in our road warrior trips in our beloved Morbihan , we end up seeking food for our dog Rex at Maxi Zoo in the town of Séné (see post now in Auray and Vannes too). And behold, they had just open an Au Bureau there!!! Under the original name !! and of course , we went in right away. And have come back ever since !!!


The Au Bureau are in the Les quais de Sené shopping center at 69 Route de Nantes in Séné. Ending up in this restaurant mixing bar pub brewery atmosphere with screens everywhere after coming to get my dog Rex food in same shopping center!. And now we have the Au Bureau not far from us again!  Meals correct beautiful atmosphere value for money means a little expensive for a menu carte that remains unsurprising. Very good meal and  impeccable team of the restaurant. Thank you to them for the pleasure of coming back again a few more times. A  pub-restaurant where the pleasure is in the plate, but also in the room with its 5 giant screens for sports and various activities offered throughout the year. The place is festive, for all ages …The franchise is own by the former general Manager of the FC Lorient football/soccer team now in the French 1st Division.


The official Au Bureau in Séné (even if they mention Vannes)

ps. Just find out they have opened an Au Bureau in Brest at different location ,145 Quai Eric Tabarly , so will look forward to try it there !!

There you go folks, another nice story of our family here, Even if less nowdays we always remember these places and do come for nostalgia, good food, and great ambiance with reasonable prices, You won’t go wrong at Au Bureau or Au Pub in Séné or Brest. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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