The Marché or market day in Pluvigner

I am out, finally got out of the house while my father stayed with my boys to can see the wonderful market by Place Saint Michel in my pretty town of Pluvigner, We love markets and glad we have a small nice one in town on Saturday mornings. As I went out on this Christmas Eve of 2022 ; I like to tell you a bit more on marché or market of Pluvigner, Hope you enjoy it as I.

This is a small but very friendly and warm place to be on Saturday morning , which when not out on my road warrior trips love to be at, Every Saturday morning from 8h to 13h at the Place St Michel , next to the Mairie (city hall) of Pluvigner

Plu market day Sat in town from city hall dec22

For sure, the cheeses are great here, and the goat cheese the star! right across is our bakery or boulangerie so one stop shopping ! We get some nice natural honey and vegetables so much for the meal tonight ! They even have come up with a night market day too.

Plu market day Sat in town from bakery dec22

The city of Pluvigner on the market:

There you go folks, a nice , friendly place to be on any Saturday and more so this Christmas Eve 2022 ; we love them!! The markets are the soul of France be there or be square!  Pluvigner is small but nice town, great feel for the French way of life unlike other bigger cities……Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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