The streets of Saint Malo !!!

There I go again on not my road warrior mode but my devilish walking pace in pretty Saint Malo, in the Ille et Vilaine dept 35 of my lovely Bretagne, As we go visiting these wonderful towns , we tend to look for the big monument ; however what takes me there is , also, the architecture, the history, and the ambiance of the place. Cities are all made of the three and without it there is no soul me think. I always make a point to walk the cities and towns I visit, even if it takes me a couple trips. You get the idea, go walk and see it all before your eyes. This is another post about the streets of Saint Malo !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Place aux marché des Légumes or vegetable market square is one of the most beautiful squares in the old town of Saint-Malo, surrounded by granite, slate-roofed buildings The market here is done Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday, Summer market (jewellery, crafts), The first market washeld here by 1901 with a style of iron hall, The market and houses around it were in ruins after the bombings of 1944 during WWII, The new Place aux Marché des Légumes was rebuilt in 1949,It was very much downsided in the 1990’s but still a place to be in the old town of Saint Malo !

Saint Malo place du marche aux legumes aug12

The rue de la Corne de Cerf is another old street in the old town of Saint Malo, Nice architecture,history and even greater walks, This is one of the few preserved areas of the City to have been spared the bombing of WWII, Look up at 7 rue de la Corne de Cerf ,where currently houses the Hôtel Anne de Bretagne which at the same time can be no. 11 rue Saint-Thomas, forming the corner with no. 7 rue de la Corne de Cerf. It consists of two bodies of buildings joined together, The house at no 18 Rue de la Corne de Cerf was part of the original enclosure. It is one of two remaining wooden-fronted houses in the town. A corner niche has a shell at the top and a base ending in a human head. You can several bullet holes from the WWII conflict still visible on the facade, a sign that there was caught up in the fighting, but the whole thing was fortunately spared. It therefore still appears today in its original appearance, and its various architectural characteristics allow it to be dated to the 17C.

Saint Malo rue de la Corne de Cerf aug12

The Saint Malo tourist office :

The city of Saint Malo:

There you go folks, hope you take the bite and do walk the Intra Muros or enclosed city of Saint Malo. Lovely place, full of wonderful architecture and history and good chow! Walking its streets is sublime !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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