The Parc de l’Oseraie of Les Mureaux !

I found old paper pictures to bring memories of visiting this park for the flower event with the family, my dear late wife Martine love it! I like to bring it to life in my blog, for all time’s sake and the memories of always.  The kids playing are my boys !! Therefore, this is my rendition to the Parc de l’Oséraie of Les Mureaux ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Parc de l’Oseraie is located in Les Mureaux in the Yvelines dept 78, on the banks of the Seine river and in the region of Île de France.  It extends from the Rhine and Danube bridge (see post), at the entrance to the city, to the rue des Gros Murs, along the towpath.

Between 1876 and 1879, a private individual, Henri Michelet, had a brick and millstone property built by the architect Jules Saulnier. This construction, called the Maison Bouvaist house (from the name of Doctor Bouvaist, the last private owner), was bought by the town at the end of the 20C, It was until 2006 a Paleoscope, intended for experimental archaeology. The house inspired by the Gothic style, this brick and millstone mansion, with its polychrome facade and spire, hosts various events throughout the year. It brilliantly illustrates the eclectic architecture of the 19C which borrows architectural elements from different styles. In addition to the general Gothic inspiration, certain elements of the facade were also inspired by Moorish architecture.

Les Mureaux parc L'oseraie maison Bouvaist kids c2008

In addition to this house, the park, whose wall runs along the towpath, includes a pond, a garden bridge and an artificial island. Planted with chestnut trees, Today, this wooded park of 221 trees is made up of a pond, a bridge, an artificial island, a children’s play area, green spaces for amenities as well as an educational apiary,

Les Mureaux parc L'oseraie kids c2008

Since 2004, the Fleur en Seine event has been held there every year. The large lawns around the mansion welcome Fleurs en Seine every 3rd weekend of September, where for 2 days all the craftsmen working around the garden (plants, furniture, arts and decorations, conferences, etc.) come together for the delight of visitors. Webpage :

The City of Les Mureaux on the Parc de l’Oséraie

There you go folks, another dandy in my former hangout in the Yvelines. This Fleur en Seine at the Parc de l’Oséraie is a very nice event for all nature garden lovers, worth the detour me think. Again, hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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