Memories of Meulan en Yvelines !

The town of Meulan-en-Yvelines in dept 78 Yvelines and in the Île de France region sits on the right bank of the Seine river, 16 km from Mantes-la-Jolie, 33 km from Versailles, prefecture of the department, and 40 km from Paris, The town I knew was name Meulan but because of strong confusion over the Meulan in Seine et Marne dept 77 on July 11 2010 change name to Meulan en Yvelines.

The memories lingered of crossing this bridge for sadder reasons (see below), A road bridge, the Pont du Rhin et Danube bridge, rebuilt in 1957, connects Meulan to Les Mureaux. The municipal territory includes two islands of the Seine, the island of Fort and the island Belle, the latter being extended by the island of Mézy. The Rhin and Danube bridge is a metal structure bridge that crosses the Seine over a length of 530 meters between Meulan-en-Yvelines and Les Mureaux, resting on Belle Island. It is actually made up of two successive bridges: the first crosses the navigable arm for 160 meters between Les Mureaux and Île Belle, supported by two piles immersed in the river; the second crosses the arms of Saint-Côme and Meulan for 120 meters by leaning on a pile located at the tip of the island of Fort. The two bridges are not aligned and are connected by a two-lane road about 250 meters long, which also serves the islands of the Seine (Belle Island and Fort Island). This bridge, put into service in 1953, replaces the old large bridge of Meulan, destroyed by the Allied bombings in May 1944. missing four arches, gives access to a 19C farmhouse; it belongs to the town. The Saint-Côme bridge which crosses the Seine over a length of 55 meters between Île Belle and Île du Fort.

Meulan pont danube et rhine dec08

The hospital of Meulan-Les Mureaux is where my dear late mom Gladys was care for during her ordeal of an uncurable disease call Pulmonary Fibrosis ultimately dying at our house on December 27 2007.  Many memorable sad moments of coming here on all her appointment for cures, she was a brave lady never complaint, a tough Guanche of Tenerife heritage ! RIP never to be forgotten, The hospital is a Membre du Groupement hospitalier de territoire des Yvelines Nord or Member of the Northern Yvelines Territory Hospital Group, the Intercommunal Hospital Center of Meulan – Les Mureaux (CHIMM) at 1 rue du Fort, A common management was set up in 2015 between the CHI of Poissy – Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the CH of Mantes-la-Jolie, extended in December 2018 to the CHI of Meulan – Les Mureaux, all three members of the . Groupement hospitalier de territoire des Yvelines Nord or Northern Yvelines territory hospital group.

Meulan hospital over Seine mima care dec08

Webpage for reference in my blog of the hospital group on Meulan en Yvelines :

The town of Meulan en Yvelines on the hospital and great map :

The town of Meulan en Yvelines info

A bit of history I like:

It became the seat of the county of Meulan, and was sacked in 878, by the Vikings led by Rollon , Around the 10C, it was the capital of the counts of Meulan. The city was joined to the royal domain in 1204 by Philippe Auguste. Reunited with the royal domain this city became the seat of a provostship which appears in the year of 1234, but was included in the dower of Blanche de Castille, in that of Marguerite de Provence, then in the prerogative of the house of Evreux. At the Treaty of Avignon in 1365, Charles II of Navarre had to agree to exchange the towns of Meulan and Mantes for Montpellier. The financial conditions of this exchange caused many conflicts between the King of Navarre and Charles V which lasted until 1375, Meulan was under the Old Regime (monarchy) a staging post for stagecoaches on the Caen-Paris road , During the French revolution ,the old Gothic Church of Saint-Nicolas is converted into a corn exchange. This is the only church in town since then,and is at rue de l’Eglise, In 1900, the committee of the Summer Olympics, through the Cercle de la voile de Paris, chose the lake of Meulan to host the nautical events. This same body of water again hosted the boating events of the 1924 Summer Olympics. On August 27, 1944, American troops arriving by Les Mureaux crossed the Seine on pontoons, then continued their progress towards Condécourt and Longuesse.

There you go folks, you can tell Meulan en Yvelines is not a tourist town but worth a stop over on your way from Paris to Normandy on either the A15/D14 or the A13 roads. I am happy to have it in my blog, memories forever. Thanks for reading me since Nov 26 2010! Nevertheless, hope you enjoy the post to know a bit more about me.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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