The Church Saint Clodoald of Saint Cloud !

Let me bring you and me back to Saint Cloud, a place that I have been several times but when living in Versailles. I used to go to get my wines and business meetings there, However, took time to walk a bit and saw a nice church, After looking into it realised is a very historical Church Saint Clodoald , and found me an old picture of those days passing by, therefore, need to have it in my blog, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The City of Saint Cloud is in dept 92 of Hauts de Seine, in the Ïle de France region. Just next to Paris ! It is only 10 km from Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris point zero. Saint-Cloud owes its name to Clodoald, grandson of Clovis; threatened by his uncles, Clodoald moves away from power disputes and settles in Novigentum, a hamlet of loggers and fishermen where he builds a moustier or monastery of which there is still a wall. The town takes the name of “Sanctus Clodoaldus”. From then on, the town will often be at the heart of History.  Saint-Cloud bears witness to a rich and prestigious past indeed,

This neo-medieval Church Saint Clodoald dominates the center of the old town. It was rebuilt under the Second Empire between April 1861 (laying of the first stone) and May 1863 (blessing), in place of the old collegiate church which housed the crypt containing the tomb apocryphal of Saint Clodoald. Inside the church, under the altar of the chapel dedicated to Saint Cloud, a shrine contains his relics. It seems that there was already a chapel around 550, when Saint Clodoald arrived, It was rebuilt at the end of the 18C, the old church from the 10-11C, already enlarged and modified many times over the centuries, was rebuilt again. The current building is in Romanesque-Gothic style with the pulpit, built in 1899 , and the gallery organ is from 1854.

Saint Cloud ch Saint Clodoald mar10

A bit more of the history I like, tells that Queen Marie-Antoinette was interested in the small town of Saint-Cloud, which housed an important castle in its park (gone burned in1871 by the commune uprisings). Under her authority, a hospital and its chapel had been built in 1787. And the following year, the queen laid the first stone of the future church. As the castle had a monumental esplanade up to the Seine, it was planned that the same would apply to the church. A model near the choir depicts the queen offering the model of the church, When the French revolution broke out, the foundations were completed and the walls had already risen a few meters. But everything stops, Eventually, the first stone was laid on July 11, 1789 , and the revolutionary troubles did not prevent the work from continuing and being completed. The church will be consecrated in 1791 by a constitutional priest (not religious but revolutionary). Napoleon III will complete the project from 1860, The church, opened for worship in 1863, was consecrated in 1878 , Apart from the relics of Saint Clodoald, the interior features 19C stained glass windows and beautiful paintings in the choir. But the artistic interest lies above all in the splendid oak preaching pulpit dated 1899.

 The City of Saint Cloud on its heritage :

There you go folks, one more spot of my belle France that need to see more in depth time and health permitting. For now ,hope you enjoy this introduction to the Church Saint Clodoald of Saint Cloud as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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