The Saint-Cosme-et-Saint-Damien Church of Naizin !

Again, back in my road warrior mode in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France, The possibilities are endless and I am just starting, really ! I went today to several towns never before been and the trip was awesome with me the boys and Rex, our dog, Cruising right along I came into the town of Naizin ,not a planned stop but saw a wonderful church, good enough to included it in my blog, Therefore, here is the first on the Saint Cosme and Saint Damien Church of Naizin ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien belltower side nov22

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien left side belltower nov22

The town of Naizin is a former town which on January 1, 2016, it took on the administrative status of new town under Évellys. The town is located 13 km from Locminé, 15 km from Pontivy, and 41 km from Vannes. It is 37 km from my house, Naizin forms a fairly large territory, limited by Kerfourn, Le Moustoir , Remungol, Moréac, Réguiny and Crédin.

The Saint-Cosme-et-Saint-Damien Church in neo-Romanesque style. Dedicated to the Holy Savior in the mystery of the transfiguration. But the parish and the parishioners have been claiming the patronage of Saint Cosimo and Saint Damien since the 9C. The new church was built in the same location and to the same size as the old one. The construction is very fast because the new sanctuary is blessed on September 22, 1857, In 1870 a lightning rod is installed on the tower. The tower clock was put in place in 1913, The church has been very regularly maintained during the 20C. Mainly to mention: the floor of the tower in 1938, paving of the central aisle in ceramics in 1945, modernization of the electrification in 1948, the roof in 1951, electrification of the bells and electric clock in 1958, new altar facing the assistance in 1970, heating in 1973, roofing and paving of the transepts in 1997, repair of the stained glass windows and replacement of the clock in 1998. The superb chandeliers dating from the second empire, were renovated and put back into operation for Christmas 2004, etc.etc etc.

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien altar closeup nov22

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien altar et chapels nov22

The altarpiece of the high altar, in stone and marble, dates from 1699: in the center is represented the Transfiguration and at the ends are the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The altarpiece (17C), placed in the Saint-Côme and Saint-Damien Chapel, houses the statues of Saint Côme, Saint Damien, a Virgin and Child and Saint Anne teaching the Virgin. The altarpiece (18-19C), located on the left, is dedicated to the Virgin: it includes a painting representing the Apparition of LaSalette, as well as statues including those of the Virgin, Saint Joseph and Saint Cornély. The “Madonna and Child” statue, in polychrome wood, dates from the 15C.

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien chapel holy family nov22

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien chapel virgin nov22

The new town of Evellys on Naizin :

The local Central Morbihan tourist office on Naizin heritage

There you go folks, another dandy in my Morbihan, always amazing finds, I continue in my road warrior trips, the best way to see and know the country, any country, I hope you enjoy these posts and especially today on the Saint Cosme and Saint Damien Church of Naizin !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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