The Place Denys-Cochin of Paris !

Ok so in my meandearing walks and road warrior trips in my eternal Paris, I have passed by many streets, and some catch my attention for come back and good memories of my run around Paris. The Place Denys Cochin is one example of wonderful walks and drives in Paris. Hope you enjoy the new text using older picture but first time in my blog.

The Place Denys-Cochin is a thoroughfare located in the École-Militaire quartier or neighborhood of the 7th arrondissement or district of Paris. It bears the name of the politician Denys Cochin defender of Catholicism. The square was created and took its current name in 1930. The square is actually a triangular shaped square situated in between the Avenue de Tourville, the Avenue de Lowendall and the Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg looking over towards the immaculate gardens of Les Invalides.The square faces the Hôtel des Invalides.(see post).

The statue of General Mangin in 1932 and erected on the square, was melted under the Vichy regime at the request of the Nazis during the Occupation of Paris in 1940-1941, on the orders of Adolf Hitler. Only the head has survived, preserved today at the Cave of the Dragon. Another source mentions that it would be at the Army Museum, at the Invalides. A statue of General Mangin was reinstalled after the war at the bedside of the Saint-François-Xavier Church, in the same arrondissement, place du Président-Mithouard.  Since 1985, it has housed a statue of Marshal Hubert Lyautey.

paris Pl Denys Cochin statue Maréchal Lyautey apr17

The polished pink granite stele, 2.60 meters high and 25 cm wide, was inaugurated in 1915. The mentions on both sides will be on the one hand the homage to the Goums and on the other hand the appeal in 1939 by Mohammed V to his people to support France.

The Place Denys-Cochin is served nearby by metro lines 13  at Saint-François-Xavier station and line 8  at École Militaire station, as well as nearby by RATP bus lines 82and  92. 

There is no webpage for a square as this one, but will put up the Paris tourist office on the Invalides which in front:

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my eternal Paris entering my blog for the memories of always in my eternal Paris. Hope you enjoy the post and do walk by the Place Denys Cochin, worth it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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