The Espace Champerret of Paris !

This is another memorable spot that should be in my blog, and I have several pictures of the personal nature but a bit old and will include in this post about the Espace Champerret of Paris ! My times here have been to participate in the Independant winegrowers association wine fair, a memorable and wonderful event.

The Espace Champerret is at 6 rue Jean Oestreicher with the main entrance by the Place Auguste Balagny in the 17éme arrondissement of Paris, by the Porte de Champerret and serve by metro station Porte de Champerret line 3, exit/sortie 1 ,also, near is Louise Michel station with exit/sortie 2, It has correspondance with bus lines no 84,92, and 93 which I know of, As well as near RERLine C, Pereire-Levallois station,

The Espace Champerret has a huge accessible and human-sized site of 8450 m²,where it hosts a variety of professional and general public events every year. It includes three halls on one level from 1,450 m² to 5,000 m², both independent and complementary, which offer the possibility of organizing tailor-made events and easily setting up simple and efficient visitor routes.

The Espace Champerret is part of Viparis: a single brand that brings together the 10 main venues in Paris, and which hosts more than 330 trade fairs per year. Official Viparis webpage :

The Espace Champerret unique webpage

The Paris tourist office on the Espace Champerret

The last independent winegrowers event held here I did not attend and it was the 29ème Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants ,held from March 18-21 2022, The properties of note to me were the Château Haut Mayne, Château Hourtin Ducasse, Château Eugénie,of Cahors, Château La Coustarelle of Cahors malbec, and Domaine Michel Girard et Fils of Sancerre.

Paris champerret ind vignerons PF MF et XF domaine dutertre stand nov08

Paris Champerret ind wine fair mr roche ancienne cure mars10

However, my last event attended here was the 26éme Salon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants held from March 22-24 2019 ,and there I saw a lot more of my favorites ,such as :

Château D’Agassac, Château Lesparre, Château Paloumey, Château Bel Air ,Château Hourtin Ducasse ; Château Du Taillan ,Château La Valade, Canon Fronsac, As well as Domaine de la Rochelierre of Fitou ; Château Eugénie of Cahors , Domaine Cauhape of ,Jurançon Sec ; La Diligence, of Chinon, Domaine de la Rouletiére of Vouvray, Domaine Serge Dagueneau et Filles of Pouilly Fumé, Domaine Charles Joguet of Chinon, Domaine Vayssette of Gaillac, Château d’Aydie of Madiran, and Domaine L’Ancienne Curé of Bergerac.

Paris Champerret ind wine fair mars10

Paris Champerret ind wine fair XF sandwich nov08

So, what is the Vignerons Indépendants de France? or the independent winegrowers of France. Let me explain ,briefly.

Everything began in the South of France, in the Languedoc Roussillon old region more especially. After WWII winemaking cooperatives grew so much they were weakening the independent winegrowers, although the latter had been strongly established in the region for several decades. To protect their independence they decided to create a counter-power in 1978 under the Confédération Nationale des Caves Particulières CNCP (National Confederation of Independent Cellars). The group grew up, a collective brand was created in 1985, a Wine Competition was launched in 1990 and in 2003, faithful to its founding spirit, the CNCP became the Vignerons Indépendants (Independent Winemakers) that now also federates bottlers. Today, the union counts 7000 members.

The independent winemakers are organized in CEVI (European Confederation of Independant Winemakers). Established in 2002, the CEVI defends the Common Agricultural Policy with 11 national organizations of independent winemakers united in a common voice in Brussels. VIF (Independant Winemakers of France). At the national level, the Independant Winemakers union has become a privileged interlocutor for the public authorities, various institutions and professional bodies. At last count, 11 Regional Federations of Independent Winemakers. They pursue the departmental federations’ initiatives and provide a representation role with regional authorities. At last count,  32 Departmental Federations of Independent Winemakers.  Despite their regional diversity, independent winemakers all have the same job and share common problems. The departmental federations defend the profession along with independent winemakers  on a day-to-day basis and provide them with numerous services: advice, preferential purchasing conditions, training, legal  or marketing help.

The Vignerons Indépendants Wine Fair in Paris is the largest fair in the world open to the general public, and the Vignerons Indépendants Wine Contest is the 3rd biggest competition in France !!

The official Vignerons Indépendants of France

There you go folks a wonderful way of life we enjoy enormously in my belle France. Wine has been a tradition in my family for many generations ,and I am happy to continue it thru my sons. The Vignerons Indépendants are just awesome, and the Espace Champerret a memorable spot in my life. One last note the pictures are memorable ones from the 2017 event. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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