A train station at Houilles !

I have found me another old picture of our boys and parents using public transport in the Paris area and why not included it in my blog. Part of family memorabilia and using public transport as not always on the road warrior mode in my belle France. The town of Houilles is located 7 km from Paris (Porte Maillot) and about 8 km from Saint-Germain-en-Laye, It is in the dept 78 of the Yvelines and in the Île de France region,

This was in the Houilles-Carriéres sur Seine train station, and I was there with my twin boys coming from Paris I believe or going to Paris, The Houilles – Carrières-sur-Seine train station is on the Paris-Saint-Lazare line to Le Havre,and is located on the territory of the town of Houilles, near Carrières-sur-Seine which it share ownership, The station is listed at 80, place André Malraux ,but if you go there like me it is really at 7 Rue Robespierre.

Houilles train station twins oct05

The station is served by RER line A trains running on branches A3 (Cergy) and A5 (Poissy) and by Transilien lines J and L. RER A trains are from or to Cergy-le-Haut or Poissy on one side, and from or to Boissy-Saint-Léger, Torcy or Marne-la-Vallée – Chessy (Disneyland) on the other, Line L trains come from or go to Maisons-Laffitte or Cergy-le-Haut on one side, and Paris-Saint-Lazare via Nanterre-Université on the other side, . Line J trains come from or go to Mantes-la-Jolie on one side, and Paris-Saint-Lazare on the other. The fastest Paris journey from Gare du Nord to Houilles Carrières-sur-Seine takes 25 minutes. This route takes you with only a single change at Châtelet – Les Halles station. The complete route passes through 8 stations, The exits here are on the RER A
St-Germain or Cergy or Poissy / Boissy or MLV Chessy, exit/sortie 1 Place de la Gare, 2 Rue du 4 Septembre ,3 Rue Robespierere ,and 4 Rue Maurice Berteaux.

The things to see here which I have not are the Saint-Nicolas Church, dating from the 19C. The City center has nearby the country house of Victor Schœlcher,and where he died on December 25, 1893. He was a French journalist and politician, He is known to have acted in favor of the definitive abolition of the slavery in France, via the decree of abolition, signed by the provisional government of the Second Republic4 on April 27, 1848. He was also elected deputy of Martinique and then of Guadeloupe. His father sent him to Mexico in 1828, the United States and Cuba in 1828 until 1830 as a sales representative for the family business. When he is in Cuba, he is revolted by slavery. This house, acquired by the City of Houilles in December 2011 is at the old Rue d’Argenteuil, which was renamed Avenue Schœlcher in tribute to its illustrious resident.

The official Transilien public transport of Ïle de France region on the stationhttps://www.transilien.com/fr/gare/houilles-carrieres-sur-seine-8738640

The town of Houilles on the station and connectionshttps://www.ville-houilles.fr/deplacements

The town of Houilles and its historyhttp://www.ville-houilles.fr/lhistoire-de-la-ville

There you go folks, a simple passage of time and more memories into my blog. This was territory we by passed by train and car and glad I have the Houilles-Carriéres sur Seine train station in my blog. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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