Salon de la Gastronomie et Arts Culinaires of Vannes !!!

My fav event in the area of Vannes and they continue the tradition !!!  When, I moved to the beautiful Morbihan for work duties and stayed, we heard about it, but always too many to choose from , and went elsewhere, then in 2014 got the bugs and went in; surprise was nice ! We have gone ever since, skipping a year and the virus but always here, By now many producers are known and even have delivered home and freebies !!!  This year was no exception as the 2022 Salon de la Gastronomie et des Arts Culinaires was held again at the Chorus expo center in the Parc du Golfe of Vannes.

Vannes salon de vins chorus entrance nov22

The gastronomy and wine fair was/is held November 26-28 2022 from 10h to 19h Admission is 5€ but we get in free as producers send us invitations before the event every year, Again, more than 100 exposants from wines, cheeses, jellies butcher shop, cooking classes to pots and pans on display and ready to take home, Free parking. The expo center has a big entry pavilion call Hall B, and then on the left you enter into another huge pavilion, call Hall A. The first pavilion is for the organisers, the butcher shop, cooking classes , and some food outlets. The second pavilion is where the main wine exposants and additional food stands are located.

Vannes salon de vins cooking classes stand nov22

Vannes salon de vins salon stands nov22

Again, there were some missing from last year and some new ones but we stuck to our usual contacts, There were the EARL Cousseau Boireau  stand C33 of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil , they purchase last year a secondary home near us in St Philibert !!, and have a gîte in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil for rental up to 6 persons right on the property, More from the town of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil :

Vannes salon de vins vignobles cousseau boireau st nic bourgueil owners nov22

The Château Tour Birol  Côtes de Bourg,stand E 61 Bordeaux region with delicious malbec reds!!! The owner Henri has grandaugher living in Michigan USA ! Reds Malbec !He still help by his son and his wife who does the delivery of my two cases home ! In a couple of weeks in time for Christmas ! One of the very few exposants not keeping inventory with them,you taste, you buy and they delivered later to you, More from the town of Samonac, :

Vannes salon de vins chateau tour birol henri owner nov22

Caves Rougebec, Vouvray stand B12 as you enter middle range second stand , We tasted at Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil and we saw them again here, Great bubblies of the Touraine ! See at the Loire Valley Wines webpage :

Before leaving we loaded on the La Fruitière De Colpo , from nearby Plumelin at stand B15 for delicious jellies of mango, sour orange, strawberries, granade, figs, and pears Williams ! Their webpage :

Vannes salon de vins La Fruitière De Colpo nov22

The Pelote Basque T15 as you enter bear left all the way back , We had our Basque cheeses brebis sheep female milk cheeses which are awesome nothing than from the source, We got the espelette pepper mix as well all with a discount for us and a nice cloth bag to keep them, Next to the stand there is the restaurant basque cuisine where we had our lunch of Axoa de veau a typical Basque dish prepared with mashed  vealonionstomatoes sauté and flavoured with red Espelette pepper. This dish was served on the days of fairs.Cold cuts of sausages and chorizo, and patê , a nice basque wine base sangria for apéritif and the whole meal wash down with Gorri red wine from the La Cave d’Irouléguy – AOP Irouléguy Ahh yes for dessert the Basque cake with cherries and cream for my boys, gateau basque ! All delicious in a friendly space sharing tables with another famlily, Their pelote basque webpage :

Vannes salon de vins pelote passion restaurant front table nov22

Vannes salon de vins pelote passion restaurant side table nov22

Vannes salon de vins pelote passion brebis cheeses nov22

We came to a new stand of Agerria-Daniel Dupuy from the Basque country of France, They do magic with foie gras, and different patês which we got an assortment of them ,great with the French baguette !!! webpage:

Vannes salon de vins Agerria basque pates stand nov22

Vannes salon de vins agerria basque pates canned nov22

The official organising of the Salon de la Gastronomie et Arts Culinaires of Vannes :

There you go folks, a dandy indeed! This one in Vannes is one of the best me think, And after talking with the exposants I believe it even more. Wonderful choices to complement each other and a friendly ambiance, The very best of my belle France under one roof, can’t beat it anywhere ! Already looking forward to the next one, catch it , this is France at its best for the food, the ambiance the savoir faire and all of the above !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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