Curiosities of Pont Aven !!!

Well is not far from my house and we have been here several times even from the old museum to the new museum of Pont Aven. Really all is around the painters, but it has several nice areas and great shopping of traditional goodies. I found, again, some pictures not in the blog so I will do a new post with these pictures now ; do see my other posts on the town, We love it and will tell you a bit more so you might love it too!


 The Church of Saint Joseph was built in entre 1874 et 1875, at Place de l’Eglise, smallist by local standards more like a chapel. The modern neo-Gothic church, which replaced in 1875 at almost the same place the primitive chapel, too cramped for the needs of worship. It hides modestly between two blocks and is away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets. It was solemnly consecrated on April 30, 1878. In 1885, the new Stations of the Cross were erected and in 1888, the choir and the vault were painted, It had two bells in 1807,name the Joseph-Marie-Thaïs Élisabeth and the Joseph Alain Marie of 1841 to continue parish life. They were replaced in 1897 by Christine Emmanuel of 308 kg, Mathilde Alain of 213 kg and Anastasie-Baptiste of 151 kg from the names of their respective godfather and godmother.


Inside, among the current decoration, it is worth noting 3 paintings by Émile Bernard, a way of the cross, a crucifixion and a descent from the cross. Another crucifixion, the work of André Even, a local artist from the 20C, is dedicated “To my native parish”. And a work by Father Alain Bouler, also a painter and child of the country. Modern stained glass windows evoke the life of Saint Joseph or the cult of Saint Mathurin, patrons of the parish. Another pays homage to the Abbots Tanguy, priest and vicar of Pont-Aven deported and died in the camps during WWII. Another where Saint Guénolé presents Saint Guénaël to his companions.

pont aven egl saint joseph side jan13

The quant romantic nice promenade Xavier Grall; a wonderful laberinth of trails along the Aven river giving you an allure of old and just perfect for a family walk with windmills and river rapids, nice for a picnic in summer. We always take the walk here! The Xavier Grall’s promenade, called promenade des laundries, is dedicated to the poet who lived from 1930 to 1981. Laid out along the Aven river, it allows you to discover the diversion bays and the floodgates which at the time ensured the distribution of water. water at the mills as well as several light footbridges spanning the river. Stone stairs are also found along the promenade. Beautifully blooming in all seasons.



The windmills or moulins of Pont Aven by 1880 ,there were 15 ! We like the moulin de Rosmadec mill. It dates from the 15C and depended, like all the others, on a castle, that of the Marquis de Rosmadec. It ceased its activity the year Théodore Botrel died in 1925. It has been a gourmet restaurant ever since. Inside, you can admire the 2 millstones named “millstone martinet” and “millstone arondel” , At the time, it was part of the castle of the Marquis of Rosmadec, Le Moulin de Rosmadec has not been in operation since 1925. Which as above became a wonderful restaurant very much in vogue, reservations days ahead is a must, and we love it here too. The restaurant webpage:


pont aven moulin de rosmadec waters jan13

The City of Pont Aven on the church and others:

The local Concarneau Pont Aven tourist office on Pont Aven :

The Finistére dept 29 tourist office on things to see in Pont Aven

There you go folks, a dandy quant town not far from me and we love to visit even for a road warrior ride, lovely Pont Aven or the bridge by the Aven river! A wonderful family day recommended to all. Hope you enjoy it and do visit when possible.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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