Some news from my lovely Bretagne !!! Part I

Again, I decided to delete all the posts on « Some news from Bretagne » (XXX 30 of them) because realise most if not all the information I have in full posts and pictures elsewhere so this is repetetive, I like to thanks all those who have like or comment on these posts over the years since 2011. Not all will be lost as will update and condense those posts into several posts for the memories of always. Hope you enjoy these new posts as I.

This is 2011 !!! Every region has its part and goodies to savored, I like them all,been to all, but now living on a new job adventure in the Morbihan department 56 of Brittany near Vannes and home in Brech near Auray. We just had a pain de campagne from the bakery across the street from my apt, just wonderful wheaties stuff with a fine hardy crust. And not forget those chocolate almond pastries they make oh my God oh la la la ,c’est super bien sùr. Just drive by corn er hoët which in Breton means the end of the forest or the orée du bois in French ::)

I have try the Bar Franklin at St Goustan old area of Auray, 21 Place St Sauveur as well as the Relais  Franklin , 8 Quai Benjamin Franklin ,both delicious crepes and galettes of breton fame with a nice view of the river Loch leading unto the ocean at the gulf of Morbihan . I did the resto le Cozy,(closed) 2, rue Saint Cornély at Carnac . Then we came back for the Creperie la Fromentin ,10 Rue Château  just going down hilly old world street into the St Goustan area, Not to leave out the local bar at Corn er Hoët ,bar restaurant in route de corn er hoët, Brech, (closed) even with an American flag hanging out always in front;good cold beers on the good is great.

The tourist season is here, the roads were packed, and traffic jams for the first time were seen on my way home. Luckily I know the area well and got to the gare d’Auray or train station where is ,also, a bus station or gare routiére to pick my family. They went to the local FNAC store to get their video games, and found a goodie of a chocolate store, great chocolat which I had a field day just tonite. It is call Chocolats de Roland Réauté at Rue Theophraste Renaudot, Vannes at the ZAC de Kerlann. The town of Sainte Anne d’Auray, just down the road D19 from me. There next to the Basilica of Sainte Anne, we had a wonderful Breton dinner .The place is Creperie Les Ajoncs, 4 rue de Vannes. And tomorrow is Saturday I will be taken them to Quiberon for the day ,as they will head back to our principal home in Versailles. The schools went ok and sure will be here in September, then the house needs to be sold and move here!

As for me, getting ready to pick up the remnants of my family tomorrow at the train station of Auray coming from Paris Montparnasse. They will be here for the weekend to see schools on friday, then head back monday to begin my oldest work study courses. Today was my Dad”s 76 birthday and having a great time in his sister house in Miami Lakes, Fl USA. The other of my sons is near Valencia Spain vacationing with his girlfriend’s family (lucky him). He is still there into August !!! I will pick up my father at Orly by month’s end. That is heavy with work travel as the company convention will be held in a nice hotel in Chantilly with a seminar by the ave George V in Paris.

My family left this morning to Paris Montparnasse and arrive safe and sound. Now its the start of another week and paperwork, and travel. Then ,one of my twin boys will travel to Calpe in Spain on july 14 with his girlfriend’s family to be there until August 9th; all in all a very good vacation;and first time that long away from us…He is 17 and really looking forward to 18 in November. My father will be returning from Florida USA by july 30th at Orly ,and I will be there to pick him up ,stop by the house Versailles, and return back on Sunday. I will be going on business trips ,first to Prague on July 13-15, then Lisbon July 26-28, and then Anvers, Belgium on August 3-5 so far all are booked.

This is 2012 !!! The biggest religious pelerigragne in Brittany and second only to Lourdes in France is coming near me at Sainte-Anne d’Auray. The patron saint of Breton, mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus. The Grand Pardon, at July 25-26 2012 . How about visiting a submarine base from WWII at Lorient, and now a museum ,La Flore,, you really go inside. Shopping sales started from June 27 and continue at shopping Center in Lorient,  the Espace Nayel, alongside the quais port area,

I am beginning my vacation time here today, and still going over brochures and maps on figuring how to and where to go …After some errands needed to do like renewing my French passport next week we will have something figure out, I hope. The Haras National d’Hennebont which I went last week has an equestrain spectacle call “Le Voyage de Zabédério” or the travels of Zabédério, that is stunning, a must to see, The Chateau de Suscinio is having heritage feasts an spectacles to do with history ,theater, cinema, chants of music and other nice activities in a former castle of the Dukes of Brittany.  The wonderful  Domaine de Kerguéhennec, at Bignan is a wonderful oasis of another try to match Versailles, the castle is smaller but nice, and the gardens is beautiful. Here all summer there are activities for all, and this is great for kids too.

Why not something about foodies, the sweets gastronomiques of our region, such as chocolates, caramels au beurre salé, dry fruits, tea in many colors and flavors, wines, champagnes, and mugs deco great at Aux Mille Délices, 23 Rue des Halles, Vannes  We stop for a light snack and coffee Macchiato and Cappucchino at Brooklyn Café, (now close) on our way home in the Atlanville shops and restos complex off Rue Sainte Anne .And tonite is lazy social Friday night so we have opted for pizza yeahhh!!! Pizza Sprint that is. (now Domino’s).

Well winter is here or is it autumn? Really can’t tell the difference. We have the temps go down to 4C and during the day went up to 12C then down to 8C now, and tomorrow it’s expected to go down to 1C in the morning. So ho ho ho winter is here. We hit the stores!!!! shopping for furniture for 3 young men is not easy , or is it hard to do at all? At the end ,nothing was purchase and the decision is pending for Monday evening. Then ,we went for lunch or rather late lunch and after walking around deciding where to go too ….lol! passing A la Breizh Cafe and Patty O’Dowds Irish pub, we headed for Le CatWay (now Gambetta) our favorite at the pl Gambetta, Le Port area of the pleasure marina, Vannes .I took advantage of some wine buying as there is a foire or sale going on, so obligatory stop at Nicolas, pl du poids public in Vannes. Oh did I said went shopping for furniture, yes BUT is one of the stores we went. And ,check out La Foir Fouille for misc housing stuff, very good prices and handy items there always. We end the day by having a glass at the Irish Pub just opening time lol!!! before heading out to do our groceries at a new place we haven’t try , Intermarché supermarket in Vannes.

Rainy grey and windy day again, but we are by now like the Bretons, we go out no matter what, and make the best of it. This is the season to be merry anyway. Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noêl, Feliz Navidad,and Feliz Natal to all my friends, readers,and family. We went straight to our favorite store Armand Thiery in Vannes, this is a store that has excellent casual and business attire for mens and next to it is Toscane, their women division with the same concept . We went over to our electronics favorite and one of the standard bearer in France, that is FNAC; here you can buy anything you fancy in music, movies,videos, videogames,books,telephone,TV,computer,the works, the service is always friendly as today my son was searching for some retractable headphones and he got two employees coming over to help him decide with all information on them; he chose JVC model. The gang continue its devastating punch and mamà/papa paying like a zombie to go over to Le Grande Récré, (closed) this is a toys, games, children plays store, as the search for Lego games was on!!!  Not to be outdone, we continue about 50 meters over to the other toys,games, children plays store Joue Club, here is two floors of toys too, and they have found many things here such as beyblades, now the other Lego was found hooray!!! all happy now and papa keeps paying dooh . As we were close to the big hypermarché Carrefour, just about 300 meters ,we decide to finish with some groceries. For the other 55 stores there you can see the lineup here at Galerie commercial Carrefour, a shopping mall. Then it was time to be hungry with the car full of goodies, and no rain; so we headed back to the free parking we had by the city hall building or hotel de ville, as we had eaten there before, but this time we try a new one that we saw very quaintly lit, this is the La Crémaillére, 6 rue Lesage, Vannes. Its a pizzeria, créperie resto right behind the hotel de ville. 

There you go folks, a dandy memorable recollection of our ways in Bretagne / Brittany / Breizh of my belle France. All families memories which I share with the world; hope you can appreciate it. Thanks again for reading me over these years, it means a lot to me, my blog is my entertainment. Glad to share my travels too,and hope you enjoy the posts as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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