Curiosities of Guipry-Messac !!

And continuing on my road warrior mode this time back in my lovely Bretagne ; but again taking you and me to a new town, Amazing my belle France, beauties all over, I had a long road trip and on the way back passed by this little town and decided to slow down even stop for a few souvenirs of my passage in my life’s travels, This is a bit on the curiosities of Guipry-Messac !

The town of Guipry-Messac is in the department 35 of Ille-et-Vilaine, in my lovely region of Bretagne, It is 40 km from Rennes and Redon, Also, 127 km from my house, The town was officially created in 2016 following the merger of the localities of Guipry (3000 inhabitants) and Messac (3750 inhabitants) , Guipry is mentioned for the first time in the 7C under the forms Wicbry around 710, and Messac is attested as Metiacus in 843 on a map of Redon.

The Saint-Pierre Church in Guipry can be the starting point for a circuit in the form of discovery of the notable buildings of the City , i was just passing by and stop briefly for a picture, It was built in the 12C in a Romanesque style, it was remodeled in the 15-16C with the addition of side naves. There is an old Romanesque door with arched covings, formerly the main portal and then equipped with a porch. In the 18C, the construction of a tower ,supporting the bell tower modified access with a porch built in 1760. A 17C altarpiece, in the choir, inspired by a work by Rubens, stained glass windows made during the interwar period including a guillotined refractory priest, are to be observed. It was also in the 1930s that the Romanesque style of the pillars of the nave was redesigned. The primitive church is attested from 1152 , dedicated to Saint Peter, the church of Guipry has three naves, a large part of which is of Romanesque architecture. Finally, the church ends with a straight chevet supported by three flat buttresses and formerly openworked with two windows in the same Romanesque style. The initial plan has been maintained until today, it is one of the few cases preserved in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine of rural Romanesque churches with three naves.

Guipry Messac ch Saint Pierre passing oct22

The imposing Moulin de Perrais mill (18C),which still houses a flint millstone or the hermitage, a cell building offered to a hermit by the local lord in the 18C. We do not know its date of construction but the irregular distribution of its openings and the type of interior staircase allow us to suggest the 18C. The mill, 10 meters high, measures 5.30 meters in external diameter. The roof is made of shingles. It is divided into four floors, distributed by a winding staircase and a miller’s ladder. Each floor is marked by a decrease in the thickness of the wall. The mechanism partly in place is very deteriorated. There remains a flint wheel. We saw this over the Vilaine river pont des Deux Rives arriving to town on the road D772.

Guipry Messac pont des deux rives sur le Vilaine maisons oct22

Guipry Messac pont des deux rives sur le Vilaine oct22

Other things to see if more time me think are in Messac, the Church of Saint-Abdon-et-Saint-Sennen also has Roman foundations. The Chapel of Boeuvres, in schist, dating from the 17C and restored, and that of Vautenet, built in the 17C, The lordship castle of Boeuvres (17C, rebuilt at the beginning of the 20C), that of castle of Pommerais (17C), or the manor du Vautenet (16C, restored) are worth a look ,The Temple of Coëfferie former chapel of a Templar commandery built in 1217, On Guipry The Château des Champs , built in the 17C and considerably enlarged in the 18C.

The town of Guipry-Messac on its heritage

There you go folks, another dandy find in my road warrior ways of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France, It always amaze me of the beauties of the road, This was a first time passing and nice looking little town, worth coming back for more, Hope you enjoy the post on the curiosities of Guipry-Messac as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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