The shopping center Topaze of Mersch !

Coming ,writing about Luxembourg brings back many memorable family trips, and makes me once again wanting to go back, which we will eventually. We like the country and road warrior it all over but initially started out on Luxembourg city, the capital. After a few trips we decided to venture out into the countryside and read a brochure about a shopping center so we went for a shopping spree in Mersch. This is an updated post with fresh text and links, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

One of the smallest but nicest countries in Europe, and one of our favorites. The fairy tale Duchy of Luxembourg, right smack in between Germany and France. It was not far from me and the autoroute /expressway got me there in four hours legal speed driving time. Now it is almost double far but we have visited anyway. Let me tell you a bit about the shopping center Topaze of Mersch !  We were in Luxembourg city wondering what to do next and saw a shopping center here, oooh well the wife got on and we came, simple as that…!  We drove north to Mersch, and here you have the shopping center Topaze ,and great bargains there too. But first let me tell you a bit about Mersch that we like for future visits.

Now we really came here for Topaze.  At Shopping Center Topaze located at Route de Colmar-Berg  easy access from the  N7 (where we were) or the autoroute A7 exit/Sortie N°5 Mierscherbierg. Here you can find more than 45 different brands on 2 floors .The Match supermarket The fitness center in upper floor . Free parking and gas/petro station very convinient. The stores we like were the Supermarché Match ,Pizza Hut, C&A , H&M( now gone) , and Mano shoes. We did some groceries, lunch atPizza Hut as well for the good old time’s sake! (see post)


Mersch is located in the Alzette valley a tributary of the Sûre river, the town is located at the confluence of the Mamer and Eisch rivers . The geographical center of Luxembourg is located on the territory of the town!  The town has a train station ,but we have none of it, It is connected to the national road network by the national roads N7 and N8 as well as by the A7. Which roads are what we do here!  Some of the things to see here ,and worth the detour and return are : the castle erected by the first lord of Mersch, Theodoric, as a fortified castle in 1232. In 1603, during the disorder caused by the conflict between the King of Spain (who was also Duke of Luxembourg) and the Spanish Netherlands, the castle was burned down. At the end of the 17C, Count Jean Frédéric d’Autel had the castle rebuilt in its current state. The town became the owner of the castle in 1957. In 1988, it installed its administration there as city and canton hall. The Saint-Michel Church was built in the mid-19C in the neoclassical style and the frescoes in the choir date from 1936. There is ,also, the menhir of Reckingen.

The official Shopping Center Topaze:

The city of Mersch on things to do and see:

The Luxembourg country tourist office on Mersch:

There you go folks, a nice ride and wonderful shopping and our favorite pizza chain can’t beat the ride. If you combine that with picturesque beautiful Mersch, Luxembourg than you are in for a treat. Hope you enjoy the post as I and do visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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