Memories of Reims !!!

One of my favorite cities, region,and one of the first cities that I visit in France way back in 1990. It has become a fixture ever since with many family trips and even weekend getaways; even if lately from the Morbihan has not been so. It is a tender family story as my dear late wife Martine used to work picking grapes near here to save for schooling together with her other sisters and brothers who followed.  Reims is in the Department of the Marne No 51 in the region now of Grand Est old Champagne-Ardenne; east of Paris. I like to tell you about my memorable moment with the family that has remained very vivid. Of course, I have several other posts on Reims in my

One spot I always like to walk and marvel of its architecture and history is the Place Royale. In the center, was a monument dedicated to Louis XV .The royal statue was destroyed during the French revolution, then, replaced in 1818 by a bronze representing the king as a Roman emperor. Sublime walks of Reims and a new picture in the blog with another angle.

reims pl royale prefecture aug11

Next, even if has closed a while back, it remained a favorite anecdote for the family. We/I rush in my road warrior ways into city center Reims looking for the Cathedral and it was past mid day. Knowing my adopted country things for eating would be scarse. Just by the corner facing the Notre Dame Cathedral I saw the restaurant Le Colibri and went in without any reservation. The welcome was awesome, and immediately found us a table by the piano in the back, which was already playing!!

The Le Colibri was at  12 rue Chanzy. As said, it has been closed for a while but nevertheless this blog is my life’s history and this place is part of it, memories forever.  Very cozy French traditional, and elegant. Our family love it. A pleasant setting, friendly and welcoming staff… Simple and smiling people, professionals to boot… A kitchen to die for, for me this experience was an explosion of flavors… Extremely good products presented and highlighted .. The reception was impeccable, the room decor and plates is relevant and pretty. Our meal was very pleasant,too bad it has closed. Again ,here for the memories of always.

Reims Le colibri resto front view may07 closed

Reims Le Colibri resto may07 closed

My fav Yelp reviews still has a feature of the Le Colibri with pictures to enjoy again:

For further references:

The city of Reims on its heritage

The official Reims tourist office:

The Champagne/Marne tourist office on Reims things to see

There you go folks, a dandy set of beautiful streets in wonderful sublime Reims! Travel is for memories of always and sometimes we are lucky to be back, I will, eventually. Hope you enjoy the post as I.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I revisited Reims this summer, there is an improvement in the city’s facilities, more and more pleasant to visit.

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