The Church St Alphonse of Luxembourg ville!

We love to visit here over the years. In our walking rounds we passed by this church several times and finally we pay a visit. A nice church and great memories of hurry up to go eat lunch afterward! Nice family anecdotes of always!! Let me update this pretty Church St Alphonse of Luxembourg ville for you and I.


We have come here many times can’t count them , making the trip even for lunch from our beloved Versailles! And we have continue to stop by from our lovely Bretagne. It is a small country but full of charm, history and good things to see. Some of them unique!  Of course, I am talking about  Luxembourg. The city by the same name is awesome we fell in love with it in 1990 and it has not stop; do not know why, don’t ask me why it is just that magical when we set in at the Place d’Armes. I like to tell you a bit more on some of the off the beaten paths of it such as the Church St Alphonse!


First of all, the Church Saint Alphonse embraces the English speaking community there and Mass is held in English. It has a wonderful organ with great music concerts as well. It is located in a nice area at Rue Beaumont, corner with rue des Capucins, by the Place du Théatre. 


The Church Saint-Alphonse is interesting from an external point of view. Inside, a great sobriety reigns… Nevertheless, the impressive height of the nave is worth the peek! Note in passing the monumental organ as well as the various sculptures at the bottom of the right aisle. Saint Alphonse is easily remarkable for its great size, its lacrosse and his gesture of blessing with his left hand. He is accompanied by several saints: Clément, Gérard, Neumann and Onders. The stained-glass windows adorning the collateral, embedded in trefoil arches, are distinguished by their vivid colour. Finally, coming out on your left, do not miss to admire the icon of the Madonna with the child of Byzantine inspiration.


The official Catholic parishes of Luxembourg on the Church St Alphonse :

The city of Luxembourg on things to see:

The country of Luxembourg tourist office on Luxembourg ville:

There you go folks, it is a nice area to walk and we love to do that, wonderful architecture, quant shops and restos, and always something unique to see like this Church Saint Alphonse of Luxembourg Ville. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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