The Church Saint Etienne, and more in Pleugueneuc !!

And yes actually on the start of my latest road warrior escapades I arrive to Pleugueneuc !!! I like to tell you about this latest adventures in my lovely Bretagne !!! Finding new places that are nice enough to be in my blog, me think,  Here is my testimony to this town church, castle ,and zoo park , a nice new find, hoping you enjoy it as I.

The town of Pleugueneuc is located in the department 35 of Ille-et-Vilaine in my lovely region of Bretagne, It is near the road D/N137 between Rennes, 40 km away and Saint-Malo, 33 km away. Pleugueneuc comes from the Breton Plou which means “parish” and Guéhenoc from the name of its founder. The name of the town is Plegeneg in Breton. The origin of Pleugueneuc is linked to Guéhenoc, monk soldier, druid or warlord who came from Great Britain in the 6C. The parish of Pleugueneuc was part of the deanery of Dol under the bishopric of Dol and was under the name of Saint-Étienne. There are only about 1914 inhabitants in what could better be call a village.



The current Church Saint Etienne (St Stephens) was built in the village with a proven existence as at least from the 14C The parish church respects a Latin cross plan. The nave and the west facade are from the 15C. The current transept and choir were built in 1841. The remarkable elements of the church are the altar, the altar canopy and two statues from the Louis XV period. The church has a 17C nave with a Romanesque apse, and a chapel rebuilt in 1717. The openings were altered in the 18C. The nave of the old church remains alone: ​​the choir and the transepts date from 1841-1842 and following this restoration the church was blessed again on September 24, 1844.


Pleugueneuc has several castles including the Château de la Bourbansais (see ,next post) located on the road to Saint-Pierre-de-Plesguen . Built on Gallo-Roman remains in 1583 the castle and its French gardens ,by Jean Du Breil, lord of the Colombières manor. Other things to see are the Château de la Motte Beaumanoir is located between the towns of Pleugueneuc and Plesder. It was built in the 15C. You can see several turrets and it once had a private chapel. It was again remodeled in the 19C. The Château du Gage, built in the 19C located on the road to Saint-Domineuc and built on the site of an old Louis XIII castle or manor. It has a private chapel, a circular leak and a pretty well with four pilasters, decorated with the arms of the Saint-Gilles family with the date of 1625.

The town of Pleugueneuc on the church (clic on église actuelle)  :

As we hit the town on the French lunch hours, we needed to stop or otherwise fast food! This is a very small town, so just after seeing the nice small Church Saint Etienne or St Stephens we cross the street rue de la Liberation to Aux Délices des Sens pizzeria. This again by chance and bingo we hit a good one again! This is local place with the best pizza I have so far in all Bretagne ! There was galette compléte ,2 pizza sud ouest or southwest style and 2 pizzas orientale with chorizo. Café gourmand sweets and coffee platter and a bottle of Val de Rance brut cider, all delicious and great on the pocket too only 18 euros per person. Great friendly service , and nice view to the street and church. We left thinking will be worth coming back and using it as lunch stop again. The rue de la Liberation is the road D637 corner with Rue du Bourg or road D75. The RestaurantGuru reviews on the Aux Délices des Sens:

Pleugueneuc Aux Délices des Sens pizzeria resto front oct22

Pleugueneuc Aux Délices des Sens pizzeria resto ceiling oct22

There you go folks, another nice wonder of my lovely Bretagne, always more always will be more, This was a nice find in church, castle, zoo of Pleugueneuc nice finds indeed.  Glad to have stop by, and looking forward to have it enjoy it with my readers.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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