The city museum of Brussels !

So looking into my vault found again new old pictures not yet in my blog and they should be for old times sake. Memories of always , that is what my blog is all about to me and hoping the post can bring curiosity and enjoyment to my readers in the world of travel. Let me tell you a bit on the City Museum of Brussels !

The Museum of the City of Brussels was conceived as early as 1860 and inaugurated in 1887 ; it is located on the Grand-Place opposite the City/Town Hall in the building known as the Maison du Roi or the King’s House.A neo-Gothic masterpiece, the building known as the Maison du Roi has been listed, along with the Grand-Place as a whole, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. Today the museum keeps more than 7000 pieces: paintings, altarpieces, tapestries, models, sculptures, plans and maps… telling the tumultuous and fascinating history of the city. An essential symbol of Brussels residents, the original statue of Manneken-Pis is revealed on the top floor while its precious GardeRobe can be discovered at 19 Rue du Chêne, a stone’s throw from the fountain. Admission to the museum also grants access to the MannekenPis Wardrobe. This room presents the wardrobe of Manneken-pis, more than 900 costumes of all origins, exhibited alternately.

Bru museum of Brussels dec12

The City museum is layout as such : On the ground floor there is a small exhibition which presents porcelain figurines and some sculptures dating from the 16C to the 18C. On the floor above, you can discover paintings representing the most important moments of the city, as well as various maps and models testifying to the immense urban development that Brussels has undergone in such a short time, The second floor is the most interesting and entertaining of the museum: you can discover a large part of the 600 costumes that make up the wardrobe of Manneken Pis. Small costumes typical of thousands of cities around the world are exhibited there, such as a bullfighter’s costume, Santa Claus, football player’s equipment, firefighter’s equipment, etc.  In this museum which represents a whole historical and cultural symbol, the persons in charge of the Museum carry out, since the end of the 19C, a work of research and collection on the knowledge and the comprehension of the history of Brussels. This is evidenced by its varied collections, made up of significant donations, objects from archaeological excavations and systematic collections of objects and works of art representative of the social, economic, intellectual, artistic and urban development of the City. The Musée de la Ville continues its missions of conservation and enrichment of the collections, their study and their promotion to the public.

A bit of history on the famous building that houses the City museum. The Maison du Roi was built in 1536, but after being seriously damaged during the bombardments, the building was reformed in 1873. In the 12C, the building called Broodhuis (bread house) was a sober wooden building, which bears no resemblance to the present building. As its name suggests, this establishment sold bread. In the 15C, the building was replaced by a stone building called Maison du Duc, since it once housed the administrative services of the Duke of Brabant. It was following the coronation of the Duke who became King of Spain that the building was renamed “Maison du Roi”. Charles V ordered its reconstruction to adopt a Gothic style, and it was after the bombardment that it acquired a neo-Gothic style.

You reach it easily by Metro: Bourse, lines 3 and 4. Tram: Bourse, lines 31, 32 and 33. Bus: Bourse, lines 48 and 95; Gare Centrale, lines 38, 65, 71 and 86. Or just walk to it, beautiful Grand-Place of Brussels.

The City of Brussels and its museums

The museums of Brussels on the City museum

The Brussels tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a unique building of architecture and historical proportions in a grand square with a beautiful and educational museum of the city of Brussels! Worth the detour me think, and hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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