The Parque de la Vega of Toledo !!

I have been here since youthful days and never a dull moment in magical Toledo. I have several posts on the City but forgot again to mention this wonderful area of the City. Therefore with new text and older pictures but new in my blog, let me tell you about the Parque de la Vega of Toledo !!. This is Toledo, the magical blend of Spain! In the dream lands of Castilla La Mancha !!

The Parque de la Vega is located outside the city walls, between the Puerta de Bisagra and the Tavera Hospital. It is one of the main green lungs of Toledo. It is also known for the Paseo de Merchán, It is a very lively walk where you can enjoy chocolate with churros, horchata or granita, an appetizer… sitting on its many terraces. There are also many sporting events, music festivals, cultural events, the ice rink, temporary exhibitions, etc. Within the wooded area of ​​this park-promenade we find the mythical Casa del Corcho or cork house, which in its day was the home of the park ranger’s family. The ranger’s home was built at the end of the 19C. It is of a romantic and rustic style, in which cork predominates in its construction. It is perfectly integrated into the vegetation of the park and was restored in recent years.


In the Parque de la Vega park you will find a tourist office kiosk, public baths, games and rides for children, benches and tree-lined avenues. But above all, are very popular among Toledo, especially in summer, the outdoor kiosks that prepare two very specific drinks: the “horchata” and “merengata leche” (milk meringue). The first is obtained by squeezing the fruit of tigernuts, the second is a fragrant meringue sweet milk porridge. The park is also known as the parque mercadillo del Martes or Tuesday market park, having been the place where breakfast is served on Tuesdays at the Toledo General Market. The small architectural element of the pavillion of music or kiosk ,that was built with a social desire to democratize music for the people and make the late walks so typical in Spain at the end of the 19C more bearable. The pavilion was built in 1989 as a result of the remodeling of the park.


Until in 1538 Marshal Pedro de Navarra y de la Cueva ordered the leveling of the area so that it could be used to hold tournaments, games, parades and acts of royalty and nobility. Due to who ordered its construction, it received the name of Paseo del Mariscal, which was derived in similar phonetic compositions until reaching the name that endures today of Paseo de Merchán. The people of Toledo identify it as Parque de la Vega.

The Toledo tourist office on its heritage:

Unfortunately my description above comes from memory or reading Spanish language publications as there is no official city , province or region description of this park. Anyway, it is a nice place to stop by for a peaceful rest and see the ramparts from outside, awesome! The nearby Puerta de Bisagra and Tavera Hospital/museum (see posts) are worth the detour to the Parque de la Vega of Toledo !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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