Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris !!

And indeed my boys convince me to be back. After so many trips to Walt Disney and Disneyland Paris, we were back. It was a special trip as the boys wanted to celebrate their dear late mother Martine birthday on the 26th , We were back along with my Dad on wheelchair and our dog Rex !!! This time we stayed in a different place, (see post) and it was magical indeed ! As the their schedule goes we went first to Disney Studios and then to the Disney Park, Let me start with the shorter version of Disney Studios for short,and hope you enjoy it as we !!

We hit Disney Studios first as the boys priority was to ride Ratatouille, and I had told them to make a priority list per day to see the main ones first, and it works to perfection. Very little lines !!!

Disneyland paris disney studio wine fountain entr ratatouille sep22

Therefore, we  went in ,and there was the fountain with a statue of Mickey. Studio 1 is a building facing the entrance to the park serving as the shopping street but is covered showing a Hollywood as it was in the golden age of the 1930’s. And we went for it, that is Ratatouille and even my Dad took a ride! with me. Lots of fun in the kitchen we love it !!

Disneyland paris disney studio Ratatouille entr sep22

Disneyland paris disney studio ratatouille ride inside with pipo sep22

The boys went to Campus Avengers and the WEB ride which is the new thing to do there !

Disneyland paris disney studio campus avengers plaza sep22

Disneyland paris disney studio campus avengers to web ride sep22

Disneyland paris disney studio campus avengers airplane sep22

And the beat went on to the Tower of Terror showing the mysteries of Hollywood Tower Hotel where the riders in an elevator/lift disappeared in a night of lightning scary. 

Disneyland paris disney studio hollywood tower hotel sep22

Disneyland paris disney studio hollywood towers sep22

This put an end to Walt Disney Studios for us and we were ready for the next park. It was a bit of a rainy day on and off but we are from Bretagne lol!! We as the rest of the folks, rode the water into the rides as nothing to it. It was a lot of fun to seek and hide from the rain indeed.

There you go folks, another dandy trip to a wonderful area that is a lot of fun for the entire family, and on dept 77 Seine et Marne that always brings lots of good memories, Hope you enjoy this post on the Disney Studios of Disneyland Paris as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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