The étang de la Forêt of Brandivy ! 

Again, hanging around my neighborhood of small towns near me this is another gem in the off the beaten path of my beautiful Morbihan. It is great pleasure to tell you about this little known places that offer a nice half day tour of wonderful historical places. This is just 6 km from my house ! Hope you enjoy my bit of introduction to the étang de la Forêt of Brandivy !


The barony of Lanvaux, whose castle fortress was on the banks of the étang de la Forêt or pond of the forest, was one of the oldest in Bretagne. The Lords of Lanvaux sat in the States General of Brittany (old parliament). The barony was ceded by Duke Jean IV in 1383 to the Collegiate Church of Saint-Michel of Brech , except the ruins of the castle, the park, the forest and the pond of the forest, which the Duke of Brittany reserved. In 1464, this part was given by Duke François II to André de Laval, Lord of Lohéac, Marshal of France, who resumed the title of Baron de Lanvaux. Louis II of Rohan-Guémené, Lord of Guémené, made the same in 1485, as well as his successors Louis IV in 1508 and Louis V in 1527, who, along with his heirs, neglected this title thereafter.

I have mentioned the town of Brandivy on a previous post on its heritage. The artificial lake of the étang de la forêt of Brandivy is nature heavens with free access to the playground, outdoor fitness center, climbing, fishing, hiking. Also, a supervised section for sailing, kayaking, pedalo, climbing, archery, orienteering, and mountain biking. The refreshment bar, rental of pedal boats and kayaks from July 1 to August 31: Monday to Friday from 13h45 to 18h30 , and from Saturday to Sunday from 13h45 to 18h45.  You have the artificial lake or étang de la fôret, a large lake with oars and pedal boats fishing allowed ,picnic tables and scale walls of 6-8 meters as well as playground for kiddies. There is a snack bar open from 14h30 to 19h . A great family outing in nature; the boats are on fees of 6-8 euros per hour.Last check.




A pleasant stroll to do on foot in unspoiled nature , and children can also cycle around the pond. The walk is also accessible to strollers, only the footbridge to cross the pond is a little more difficult, but doable. You need a car to get here the Etang de la Fôret, Brandivy , road D779   just before arriving Bieuzy Lanvaux; a village of Pluvigner. However, if in the area and with small children, early teens this is a nice detour to do me think.




The town of Brandivy on the Etang de la Forêt

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on the étang de la Forêt:

There you go folks, another off the beaten path site in my beautiful Morbihan near me and always plenty to do and see around my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoy the étang de la Forêt of Brandivy as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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