Back to the Church of Saint-Symphorien of Surzur !

I am again on my road warrior trips in my beautiful Morbihan, and coming back to places dear to us. I finally came back to see the homeopathic doctor who treated my dear late wife Martine and walk a bit in city center Surzur to admire the nice Church of Saint Symphorien. I have taken long to be back, but its a must, memories forever. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Surzur is located between the Rhuys peninsula with the town of Sarzeau; the Pénerf river, with the towns of Tour-du-Parc, Damgan and Ambon; the Gulf of Morbihan with the towns of Saint-Armel, Le Hézo and Theix-Noyalo; finally, La Trinité-Surzur and Lauzach. All very nice and several posts in my blog. The town is  located 16 km from Vannes, and 52 km from my house ! I have written before on the church, this is an update with new pictures.

The Church of Saint-Symphorien ,11-12C, redesigned in the 16C on the sacristy,and 19C the stained glass windows, doors, stands and paneling, and in the 20C. It is in the shape of a Latin cross. It comprises a nave of four bays with aisles, a transept and a flat bedside choir flanked by a chapel in the south. The nave and the square of the transept are Romanesque: the nave communicates with the aisles by large arched arches laid on cylindrical piles. Above the large arcades are small semicircular windows. The triumphal arched arch is carried by columns committed to capitals decorated with stylized foliage, oven and volutes. The choir and the cross-braces, redone in the 16C, have again been retouched since. The southern Chapel of the Choir presents a beautiful flamboyant decoration.

Surzur Ch Saint Symphorien front belltower sep22

Surzur Ch Saint Symphorien front sep22

Surzur Ch Saint Symphorien side left sep22

Under the name of Saint Symphorien, the church has undergone many transformations. The oldest part of is the west porch with a semicircular Romanesque arch dating from the end of the 11C. A side chapel in the Gothic style was added in the 16C. The current bell tower was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20C. A stone calvary in the form of an altar stands on the south side of the church. Inside, near the baptismal font, a painting, made in 1938 represents a Virgin and Child with the title Notre Dame des Moissons.

Surzur Ch St Symphorien altar sep22

Surzur Ch Saint Symphorien back sep22

The city of Surzur on the church:

There you go folks, a nice ride into coastal Morbihan and a quant city center of Surzur. The Church of Saint Symphorien is a bonus to see. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. A great sunny day for Brittany!

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