Back to the Church Saint Pierre of Languidic !!

I like to take you around into the town of Languidic about 14 km from my house, and came upon some familiar monuments that needed to see more closely. This picturesque town is of course in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne.  The town of Languidic by its surface, the most extensive town of the Morbihan. It is located 35 km from Vannes, department prefecture (capital city), 30 km from Pontivy and 18.5 km from Lorient, sub-prefectures. This time was not meant to visit but passed by so stop in for another look, always nice indeed. 

The Church Saint Pierre was built between 1876 and 1879 and replaces two older buildings. The first was erected around 1329, in roughly the same location. The second was built in the 15C, perhaps in 1453 or 1433. This date is inscribed, in Gothic letters, on one of the beams and outside of the building The church was built at different times, that is why we found inside Romanesque capitals when the whole was in ogival style. Today, the church shelters one of the rare bells of the region prior to the French revolution. “Kolas” or Nicolas dates from 1783 and was not melted because it was used for civil sounding of the bell. The silver chalice and the tin ciborium, respectively from the 17C and 18C. In 1933, a martyrdom was built on Place Général-de-Gaulle.

Languidic ch Saint Pierre belltower sep22

Languidic ch Saint Pierre side sep22

Languidic ch Saint Pierre altar to nave back sep22

The old parish church of Languidic was dedicated to Saint Peter, apostle, and belonged to various eras. The whole was in the ogival style, but there were also Romanesque capitals inside. The new Saint Peter’s Church was built in ogival style with a shape that of a Latin cross. A light and bold arrow carries the cross 54 meters in the air. On entering the church, one finds a vast nave with aisles, lit by two rows of windows, a 30 meter long transept, where the light falls in streams through two large bays, then at the bottom, 56 meters from the entrance door, the polygonal chevet of the apse, pierced by five high lancet windows. In the stained glass windows, which are very remarkable, we see several features of the life of Saint Peter, patron saint of the church. The covering of the high altar is in carved oak. The side altars are dedicated to the Sacred Heart and to Saint Joseph, to the Blessed Virgin and to Saint Anne.

Languidic ch Saint Pierre altar sep22

Languidic ch Saint Pierre chapel St Pierre sep22

Languidic ch Saint Pierre chapel virgin et Christ sep22

Languidic ch Saint Pierre pulpit front sep22

There is a nice  Fontaine des Saisons or seasons fountain ,Place du Général de Gaulle by the church.

Languidic fontaine four seasons pl gen de gaulle sep22

The city of Languidic presentation but not the church sadly:

The Lorient South Brittany tourist office on Languidic

There you go folks, another nice gem of my beautiful Morbihan that does not stop to amaze me for its beauty whether by the coast or inland. Languidic is very near me and worth the detour I said just to see this nice Church Saint Pierre. Hope you have enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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