Back to the Church Saint Ouen of Plouay !!

As said the choices are endless and the thrill of visiting them again is always there. Take a look to my corner of the world and you too will know why I am so enthusiastic about my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. Let me tell again a bit more on the Church Saint Ouen of Plouay !! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen side entr sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen belltower sep22

The Church of Saint-Ouen built circa 1400 was restored in 1876. The Church was done in the Latin Cross style and had originally has a main nave and two aisles. The present Church comprises a nave of four bays with aisles, a transept and a collated choir completed by a flat bedside. The Interior of the Church, it seems, dates from the 14C. The nave communicates with the aisles by large, broken, double arches resting on square pillars flanked by columns. The nave and structure of the 16C are preserved. The Choir, more recent, communicates with the collateral by arcades. In the large niches we can see the statues of Saint Barbe (Santa Barbara) and Saint Eloi who seem contemporary, while in the niche above, the statue of Saint Ouen is older.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen nave to altar sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen altar sep22

The parish Church of Saint Ouen , placed under the patronage of Saint Ouen, Archbishop of Rouen, has the shape of a Latin cross, with two low sides. There are six architectural spans, formed by ogival arcades, resting on square pillars and engaged columns; the pillars are replaced near the choir by cylindrical columns. In 1876, the church was renewed. The altars of the church are dedicated to the Rosary, to St Isidore, to St Joseph and to the Sacred Heart. A large part of the church, in particular the nave and its framework, dates from the 16C.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel Virgin right sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel sacre coeur right sep22

The Church of Saint Ouen is oriented and follows an elongated single-nave plan ending in a five-sided apse. A square-based bell tower is located at the level of the nave. It has two rectangular openings with louvers on each of its faces plus a round clock on its south face. It is capped with a polygonal arrow. The choir dates from the middle of the 13C. The north wall of the nave dates from the 17C. The western facade, the first bay of the nave and the bell tower date from the first quarter of the 20C. The altarpiece of the high altar, in marble and freestone, dates from the 16-17C ; the painting in the center is entitled “The Lamentation of Christ” and dates from the 17C. The organ gallery dates from the 19C. The communion grid, in wrought iron, dates from the 18C.

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel virgin et child left sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen chapel resurrection sep22

Plouay ch Saint Ouen back jube wall sep22

The town of Plouay on its religious heritage including above church :

The  Lorient south Brittany  tourist  board on Plouay:

There you go folks another nice town ,Plouay in my beautiful Morbihan. It has been a thrill to be here, thanks to my dear late wife Martine. One more reason to remember her. Do hope you enjoy the post on the Church of Saint Ouen of Plouay as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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