Again, the Church Saint Pierre of Locoal-Mendon !

And why not continue my road warrior mode around my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. The Morbihan rocks! The town is about 11,5 km from my house, down on the road D16. Now, let me bring you again to the small quant town of  Locoal-Mendon and the Church Saint Pierre! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The town of Locoal-Mendon is part of the canton of Belz located west of Auray. It is formed by the meeting of two former parishes, Locoal-Auray and Mendon but still composed for the worship of two branches. The territory is limited to the north by Landaul, to the west by the Etel river, to the south by Belz, Erdeven and Ploemel, to the east by Brech. Upon this visit, the church was under renovation and indeed it is about time.

From the 8C to the beginning of the 10C, the possessions of the monastery of Locoal gradually embraced the territory of the current parish of Sainte-Hélène, the peninsula of Plec, and the coasts of Mendon. This prosperity lasted two or three centuries, until the ravages of the Normans at the beginning of the 10C or 919. One of them, Gurky, who remained in Locoal and converted to Christianity, restored the monastery and offered it in 1037 to the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Sauveur de Redon with all its dependencies.  In 1790, Locoal lost the district of Sainte-Hélène, a territory on the right bank which broke away and became an independent town. Since then, the parish of Locoal only includes the island of Locoal and the Plec peninsula. By authoritarian decision of Napoleon, Locoal is then attached to Mendon in 1806 and therefore takes the name of Locoal-Mendon.

Locoal Mendon ch Saint Pierre side belltower sep22

The Church of Saint-Pierre was originally the Notre-Dame Chapel, the building was built in the 15C. From this period are preserved the apse, the walls of the transept and the porch. During the reconstruction of the parish  Church of Saint-Pierre, which began in the 18C, the chapel replaced it. But the site dragged on and was abandoned by the time of the French revolution. The unfinished building was replaced in 1822 by a nun’s house. The chapel becomes definitively a parish church. The nave and the tower were erected in 1875. In 1892, the interior of the building was resumed, removing the tie-rods and the sandpit carved with the coat of arms of the old party.

Locoal Mendon ch Saint Pierre front side sep22

In the center of the village of Mendon, it is a visual signal whose bells punctuate the hours of the city. Built in the 15C, it was partially rebuilt in the 19C. The carved porch dates from the end of the 15C , it is vaulted in granite with an external ogival bay surmounted by a gable triangular pediment with Gothic decoration. Inside the porch, six niches on each side have lost their statues. St. Peter’s Church is rarely open.

Locoal Mendon ch Saint Pierre belltower sep22

The town of Locoal-Mendon on its heritage

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Locoal-Mendon

There you go folks, this is one of those town, you see the real France. Well have done that again for the benefit of my blog and my readers. Locoal-Mendon is not a tourist town but a rest stop would be fine in its city center by the Church Saint Pierre.  It is historical for sure locally and has nice architecture which I like. And see my other post on the town/church. 

And, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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