My little dear Brec’h !!

Let me tell you about my little town of Brec’h, its actually part of Pays d’Auray, so for most needs we were going to Auray, about 9 kms away or 5 miles; however ,Brec’h (French way written Brech) is divided into about 7 communes or villages plus the center or bourg where the church, post office,tabac are located as well as the mayor’s office and local ,real local govt offices are. This is where I came in contact with Bretagne! did not lasted long as moved on but still a special dot in my World map! Memories forever see post on my arrival,

The town itself is small but spread out wide with a pack of historical buildings. One of our favorite was the Ecomusée Saint Degan. Here the agriculture and doings of the area are all shown, from older days in a natural setting , very nice. The official Ecomusée St Degan


Another nice monument sight to see is the Church of St André,(see post) it curiously has 24 capitouls from the 13C,the belltower was added in 1896, and many stones to built it taken from the chartreuse or Cartusien monastery nearby. It has been extensively renovated and looking great now as I passed still.


A hugely historical monument here is the Chartreuse St Michel, (see post) it was built in 1382 in memory of the soldiers who fought in the war of succession in Brittany ,where the toughest battle was held on Sunday, September 29 1364 the day of St Michel. François II, Duke of Brittany change the collegiale of the monastery of Chartreux in 1480 , an order founded by St Bruno. Under the French revolution, the chartreuses were  chase out. The abbey Gabriel Deshayes, priest of Auray put in here in 1812 the Filles de la Sagesse, or daughters of the  Wisdom who were in charge of caring for the blind, deafs, and hard of hearing or understood. In 1814, under the restauration of the monarchy in France, the bones of the immigrants who were shot in firing squad during the revolution at the Champ des Martyrs(field of heroes) in 1795 were transfert here . It is by the village of Penhoet, part of Brech off D120e coming to Brech on the D768 off the N165 expressway.  It is part handle by a retirement center, webpage:


A building here is held by an order of Montforistes religious order and houses homes for the needed and impaired.  I have come to visit them and are doing a great job.  You can ,see several chapels in the area, some near me are the Chapelle Notre Dame des Fleurs, and the Chapelle Saint Jacques or Santiago.

The Loch river is historical and beautiful by its river banks. This river grows out in the middle of the Morbihan dept in Brittany and goes all the way meandering like a snake into the Gulf of Morbihan and into the Atlantic Ocean.  The road just before the bourg or city center here, has a nice park/garden with plenty of ducks!  It has a cute and traditional post office building. 


In center town or bourg we have patronised in the past the L’Official Gerard, boulangerie pâtisserie épicerie store in town ,bakery, sweets and small grocery store with the unique symbol of an American flag in its rightmost window.  It is located at 12 Rue Georges Cadoudal. you have the Le Moana tabac/cafe, 16 rue Georges Cadoudal;  town meeting for coffee and a glass of beer, plus lotto tickets!! , and stamps when post office is closed,and WiFi ;  as here the hours are country, only in the morning on Saturday and only afternoons for the post office, and all close by 19h !!  The only thing that passes by here in public transport is the regional Keolis line 5  Baud – Vannes. A single ticket cost 2 euros and can be used for 50 cents correspondance with the Vannes bus network Kiceo. This is the initial line my boys used for school and still use it as it passes by Pluvigner as well. For the memories,Keolis Atlantique line 5 webpage:

The town of Brec’h on its heritage

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Brec’h

There you go folks, a small town even a village divided in 26 parts with lots of historical monuments and a wonderful river bank of the Loch. Hope you enjoy my off the beaten path post of my little dear Brec’h !!

And remember ,happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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