Curiosities of Rostrenen !

And I like to tell you this time about another first visit to a nice town call Rostrenen in the Côtes d’Armor dept 22 of my lovely Bretagne! This was on another road warrior trip by yours truly and we love it, Let me tell you about the curiosities of Rostrenen ! Hope you enjoy it as I .

The town of Rostrenen is located 50 km from Saint-Brieuc, 54 km from Lorient, 64 km from Quimper and 122 km from Rennes. The RN 164 crosses the town and bypasses the main agglomeration to the north.However, I came up the D768 of which the town is 76 km from my house!

The construction of the Manor of Campostal dates from the 16C. The manor is located on the place du bourg coz (the old town). According to Grégoire de Rostrenen, the manor of Campostal would have been a large place intended for tournaments. Alternately, the mansion served as a prison for refractory priests, a revolutionary court and now a Catholic school. It retains a monumental fireplace with the arms of the Le Bobillé family who lived here, and a polygonal tower covered in a dome. Visit possible only from the outside. The Brothers of Ploërmel, a congregation from Morbihan, settled there in 1855 for 30 years, before the nuns of the Retreat invested it until the beginning of the last century. It was acquired in 1910, in order to install the seminary of Plouguernevel there which the manoir was closed from 1905 following the law of separation of the churches and the state, It shelters today the college and the high school Notre Dame de Campostal. The small garden is very pleasant and unexpected at the end of the Place du Bourg-Coz.

Rostrenen manoir de kampostal sep22

The Côtes d’Armor dept 22 tourist office on the manoir de Campostal :

The official lycée (high school) of Campostal on its history

The town of Rostrenen is located at the crossroads of important Roman roads which greatly contributed to its development. The center of Rostrenen is mainly structured around two axes: the current rue de la Marne and D31(Rue Abbé Gibert). The town center is structured by many built fronts which follow the main streets, in particular rue Gambetta, rue de Verdun, rue Ollivier Perrin and rue de la Marne. They also frame the Place de la République, the central square in the city center. The place du Martray is surrounded by the Rue de Verdun, Rue des Poilus,and the continuation of the place de la République, this later is in turn surrounded by Rue Abbé Gibert, Rue de la Marne , and Rue Olliver Perrin, In the Place de la République is located the Collegiate Church Notre Dame de Bon Secours, All these a very picturesque quant area of Rostrenen with plenty of restos/bars.

Rostrenen pl du Martray sep22

Rostrenen pl de la republique sep22

A bit of history tell us that the last Duchess of Elbeuf Innocente Catherine de Rougé du Plessis-Bellière, first married to Jean-Sébastien de Kerhoënt, Lord Marquis of Coëtanfao, he died on 7 April 1744, she remarried 6 June 1747 to Emmanuel-Maurice de Lorraine , Duke of Elbeuf, Lord of Rostrenen. Imprisoned during the French revolution on several occasions, she wrote a correspondence in which she relates the events of her time; she died in great destitution.  The high point of this dynamic town is the Fisel Festival, organized every year, at the end of August, since 1972. It is a meeting of traditional music (fest-noz and especially dance competition) which opens to music popular from other regions or countries. More info on the festival official webpage:

Other things to see here other than the ND Collegiale Church (see post) are the Notre-Dame-du-Roncier devotional fountain, and the Locmaria Chapel,14C.

The town of Rostrenen on its history/heritage

The Côtes d’Armor dept 22 tourist office on the heritage of Rostrenen :

There you go folks, another wonder of our beautiful Bretagne in seldom seen Côtes d’Armor up north. A nice first visit to Rostrenen and glad to have visited it, Hope you have enjoy the curiosities of Rostrenen post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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