The Church Saint Sané of Camors !

The town of Camors is a small towns near me that have wonderful things to see even if for less than a day. I have written on the Church of Saint Sané before but this time was able to go inside, Therefore, here is a new update and pictures! My oldest son walking in below !

Camors ch Saint Sané side NF sep22

The town of Camors itself surrounded by the towns of Baud, Pluvigner and La Chapelle-Neuve. It is covered in its vast majority by two massifs forests, the domaine forest of Camors and the forest of Floranges with maximum altitude of 137 meters,of Saint Sané before so this post will be brief to showcase the new pictures, Camors is only 9 km from my house !

The Church of Saint-Sané; 17C was built in the form of a Latin cross, without anything remarkable, if not two wooden altarpieces. The sacristy is earlier than the Church and reuses stones from the Chapel of Ste. Suzanne. A cabinet of the sacristy dates from 1660. Saint Sané, was an Irish Bishop, who died in 544. The secondary patron is Saint John the Baptist, whose Nativity is celebrated with great solemnity. The church has in the south transept the altar of Saint John the Baptist, and that of the north the altar of Ste. Susanne,

Camors ch Saint Sané altar sep22

Camors ch Saint Sané altar to back sep22

The most remarkable element is the polychrome wooden altarpiece in the south chapel. It presents in relief, with brutal realism, the scene of the beheading of Saint John the Baptist (decapitation).

Camors ch Saint Sané chapel side sep22

The town of Camors on the church

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Camors

There you go folks, hoping you enjoy this nice Church of Saint Sané in quant countryside of Camors, a small town of my beautiful Morbihan. All along the great getway of the road D768 linking the N165 to the N24 expressways of Brittany.

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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