The Church of Saint John (St Jean) of Lamballe !!

And here is terminus of my latest road warrior trips in my lovely Bretagne! This was done on the way back home and it was another first time visit in my Brittany; the town of Lamballe. I have heard about it as one of my collegues now works there and he is from the area but never visited until now. Better late than never the old saying goes, and I was glad I did. Let me tell you a bit on the Church of Saint John or église Saint Jean of Lamballe !!

Lamballe ch St Jean entr et belltower renov sep22

This was in our walk after parking our car that we saw a big belltower rising and under renovation, so we went to take a look and found this nice church. Worth the detour me think

The Church of Saint John (St Jean), with its 1594 bell and its gallery organ is something to see in the new town of Lamballe-Armor, The church is in the shape of a Latin cross comprising a nave of six bays with aisles widening at the right of the fourth and fifth bays to form two wings. Apart from the large arcades, built in the 15C, and the bell tower, the base of which dates back to the 15C and the upper part to the 17C and 20C, it dates from the 19C.

Lamballe ch St Jean altar sep22

It was in 1420 that the reconstruction of Saint-John Church was undertaken as indicated by three inscriptions on its walls, In 1432, the work was nearing its end ,when it was rebuilt again, it was again struck down on September 15, 1577 and burned; it was then replaced by a stone pyramid; and shortly afterwards, in 1588, the southern collateral was rebuilt. In 1638, it was decided to demolish the pyramid, raise the tower and crown it with a small dome. The building remained thus until the 19C, but the walls falling into ruins, the reconstruction of the lower north side, with the addition of a chapel advancing on the forecourt in order to increase its surface area; then, on April 26, 1840, that of the low side from which two small side chapels dating from the 16C were removed, including that of the “Bon Dieu de Pitié” or Good Lord of Mercy. In June 1844, the sacristy was started; finally, in 1902, the old dome of the bell tower was replaced by the current one.

Lamballe ch St Jean organ sep22

Lamballe ch St Jean pulpit sep22

Lamballe ch St Jean stained glass of the Virgin sep22

You see a nice Altarpiece of the high altar dated 1656, The altarpiece of the Holy Spirit and the deceased faithful, known as Saint-Amateur since the relics of this saint were deposited there on July 11, 1762, in a reliquary. The third altarpiece is dated 1675 Lectern eagle from the 17C, A Pulpit from the 18C, A marble bas-relief representing Saint Martin. And an organ case and gallery from the end of the 17C,renovated in 1854 and again in 1988, The church contains the relics of Saint Amateur, a Christian martyr (308), offered in 1762 by Pope Clement XIII. Outside, a very neat medieval garden presents the ancient cultures from the 5C to the 15C.

Lamballe ch St Jean ret left sep22

Lamballe ch St Jean ret right sep22

The new town of Lamballe-Armor on the Church St John

The local Cap d’Erquy-Valandre tourist office on Lamballe’s heritage: 

There you go folks, a dandy destination close to Rennes, and the beaches of Pléneuf Val André (see post) you will glad you visit the new Lamballe-Armor, still commonly call Lamballe. Again,hope you enjoy the post as I. 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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