The market days of Guérande !!

And I bring you another market this time in the dept 44 Loire-Atlantique in the region of Pays de la Loire but historically part of Bretagne! Let me tell you about the market in the fortified city of Guérande. This is an update of an older post on one of my favorite subjects in France, the markets! 

Right around the Church of Saint Aubin (see post) and the wonderful Halles (covered market)  you have a wonderful market and especially fish and seafood , and other local products on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8h to 13h and from April 1 to December 31 . The building is a nice covered market and the morning markets overflow into the place Saint Aubin,and the Place de la Psalette areasThis is the end of the run for the shopping groceries, but also more often for the enjoyment of the middle of the city on the terraces of the place Saint-Aubin. Guérande is in the capital of the territory of the presqu’île and you will have wonderful   territorial products, such as the selection or the languages of the producers of the marais or marshes, by way of the bio products. Often in Summers you can admire the artists or musicians who have a place there.

A bit of history of this wonderful market , that we went more often until our best friends from work moved out to Canada !


The first mention of the Halle of Guérande dates from 1400. Many said   from 1472, 1478 and 1681 allowed to locate the ancient halls with the current building. The revenue was share between the bishop and canons Guérande. It was done with passageways and courtyards from the 17C. The renovation takes place around 1686. It was the origin of the castle in stone that lasted until 1911.

The main façade on the central place Saint-Aubin has an envelope of more than a few laternes on the sloping pans. The central nave raises, creating a volume of a basilica type but more narrow and to the simple right decorations host the justice palace in the upper floor. If the halle belong still in 1790 to the bishop of Nantes, an order of the council of 1773 gives management to the town. Under the old regime (monarchy) the upper floor of the halle of Guérande was the seat of the jurisdiction of the bishops, priest, Cardinal, meeting and creamery or about   24 lords, in addition the Royal court of GuérandeIn 1853, the population, decided the halles needed change for reasons of hygiène,and a new halle is unveals,but the design is dark and uncomfortable. In 1862, the halle are renovated in a more regular way. In 1910, as for the aesthetic reasons as well as the hygene, the need for a new halles is impose. The halle is renew in 1912. A new update with the norm of the halle is done in 2005.

The city of Guérande on the market

The La Baule Guérande tourist office on the market of Guérande:

There you go folks, a nice place to be full of architecture and history, near the ocean and salt marshes as well as a wonderful covered market or halle of Guérande!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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