The Nantes airport !!!

I have used it so many times over the years ! It’s about time I update this older post of many memories. Ever since moved to the Morbihan in 2011, this has been my airport, Nantes where all flights were taken business or family trips, my getaway to the world ! Always looking forward to use it again, eventually, I hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Aéroport Nantes-Atlantique , (IATA code: NTE), is an international airport located on the territory of the towns of Bouguenais and Saint-Aignan-Grandlieu near Nantes, but as geography have it, takes the name of the bigger town.  This is in dept 44 Loire Atlantique and region of Pays de la Loire. It is the second most important airport in the West of France, after that of Bordeaux, and the 9th of France in number of passengers as of 2018. Of course, the pandemic had its struggles and me going by there too.



A bit of history I like

In 1928, an aviation camp was created for essentially military use, on a 50-hectare site on the banks of the road N23 from Nantes to Paimbœuf  (now RD 723), near Château de Bougon. Built in 1932, it welcomed in 1934-1935 a factory Breguet establishments, with a connection to the airfield. In 1939, the grass track was replaced by a 900 m × 40 m concrete track. During the occupation, the Nazis made it a real camp with barracks, blockhouses, and concrete casemates, etc. From there the Luftwaffe bombers headed for England. At the end of the war, the French Air Force regains possession of the land, which the Nazis had  destroyed the infrastructure at the time of their retirement.

The Terminals of Nantes airport which I have used them all by now !!!, The airport has a terminal consisting of three main parts called Hall 1, 2, 3 ,and later 4 was added with a lighter architecture, initially dedicated to the regional subsidiary of Air France. There is Hall 1, reserved for arrivals and you will also find a number of shops and restaurants there, as well as the information point and the “lost property” counter, open from 6h to 22h. Hall 2 mainly used for registration check ins. Hall 3 allows access to check-in gates 21 to 67 and is also used to gain access to Hall 4. It is mainly used by low-cost airlines. Hall 4 was initially planned to accommodate only Air France flights, then opened up to regional flights and the low-cost airlines. It allows access to gates 71 to 77 and is also used for arrivals.

There are 2 Relay stores (in the public area of Hall 2 and in the boarding area of Hall 3), where you can buy magazines, press, snacks and other travel accessories. Also, a new space Monop’Daily fast food. Aelia DutyFree, the duty-free store at Nantes airport, located in the boarding area of Hall 3 (be careful, to benefit from a tax-free price, you will have to comply with certain conditions regarding your country of destination ).

Restaurants have change a bit now available in the terminals are: La Brioche Dorée (Hall 3 & 4 in the boarding area) where you can find pastries and hot and cold sandwiches.  La Buvette du Voyage , on the first floor of Hall 1, resto or wrap you have it.  La Terrasse, in Hall 3, a café also offering fast food. Starbucks ground level .  La Grande Tablée first floor (2nd US) Prêt A Manger street level registration area.

Foreign exchange outlet CIC at Hall 2, and  outside Hall 3, open 7/24. You can temporarily leave your valuables at the Reception – Information counter in Hall 1.  The conditions and prices are as of today for items that can be kept in an envelope measuring no more than 28 cm x 36 cm.

For the lost and found:  Items found in, or in the immediate vicinity of, the terminal are handed in at the Reception-Information counter in Hall 1.  VAT refund (sales tax): For more information on the VAT refunds procedure in France and the instructions for use of the Pablo terminal, go to:

Hotels nearby are Hotel Oceania ****, Hotel Escale Oceania ***, and Hotel B&B ** ; I have used them all! Rental cars counters of Avis , Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Enterprise, and Sixt, (I have used Hertz and Europcar) .Regular bus network TAN between 6 h and 21 are lines 48 and 98, However, the best is the Express Aeroport Bus, taken many times just superbe ! By taxi (allow about 30 to 35 euros each way to get to the center), Best outfits Taxis-Nantes, Hep-Taxis, easily online.



The most practical here is the Express Aeroport bus connecting the airport with the train station Sud or South terminal at Nantes, of many glorious easy transfers from Vannes/Auray. The ride is very nice, every 25 minutes or so and leaves you at both in just across the entrances. I have used it extensively these last several years. The cost today is 9€ one way. You go outside cross the arrival road across Hall 2, clearly mark. Official TAN (bus/tramway network of Nantes) schedule and prices for the bus is here in French:




Coming by car as I have done most of the time, there is a pre booking parking space at reduce prices,webpage :

The automobile parkings are the P Minute (only for quick drop offs), P1 covered (direct access to airport most often use), P2 priximity, P3 Proximity, P4 Proximity P5 Proximity, P6 Proximity ,P7 Eco, P8 Eco, P9 Eco, P10 Eco, Rental A and Rental B for rental cars parkings.   My trips by car were easy, taking the N165 expressway all the way to the rocade ouest or west of Nantes follow direction Nantes-Atlantique on the N444 road continue on the N844 same direction over the Pont de Cheviré then exit/sortie 51 still direction airport until the terminal which road is the D85. The main thing follow the signs for Nantes-Atlantique, easy,1h30 from my house !



The official Nantes airport :

The official city of Nantes transports network TAN

The official Nantes tourist office:

There you go folks, another nice memory easy way in and out of my belle France. I like the fact that the airport of Nantes-Atlantique is still small enough to walk thru it and big enough to allow easy flights in and out in addition to great train, plane, connections. Hope you enjoy the post and do not hesitate on taking it, its great! I look forward to do so again,eventually. And for the latest travel contraints check your airline, travel agency or government sites.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. It sounds like there has been some controversy about a larger airport in Nantes. As you point out, it is quite busy, at the limit of its capacity actually. It could offer even more destinations, if only…

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