To remember is to live again, Bielle (64) !!!

Let me tell you more in depth of a little town in my road warrior trips thru the Pyrénées between my beloved France and Spain. It has been many trips by it for many years lost count even in years when there was no tunnels up the peaks and down and back. We had many good times with the boys and my dear late wife Martine. We decided back in 2016 to have breakfast on the run and not at the hotel. This is the by chance and hungry stop we did at a little bakery in Bielle and had our breakfast at boulangerie Laloubére! on the run with the mountains in front of us before the big push over to Spain. Let me tell update this dear post for you and me; hope you enjoy it as I.

bielle-boulangerie-laloubere arriv D934 aug17


A bit of Bielle first shall we !

Bielle is located in the department of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques 64 in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. It is served by the 806 bus line of the intercity network of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, which runs from Pau to Eaux-Bonnes (not taken). The town is crossed by the departmental road 934, the one we take always also known as the route du Portalet. Wonderful scenic route!

Bielle appeared in the parish registers for the first time in 1154 under the name Vila, then in 1289 under the name Villa In 1385 it was the name of Viele that appeared, then made up of 82 oestrus or living spaces, among which that of the hospital of the poor , there was also a Benedictine monastery.   Bielle was the capital of the Ossau Valley. The archives of the pastoral union were kept there. As the story goes Bielle is built on the site of an ancient villa whose ruins were unearthed in 1842. The Priory of St. Mary founded by Galin, Viscount of Ossau, in the 11C was totally destroyed by the wars of religion. In 1790, during the French revolution, Bielle was the capital of a township identical to that of the canton of Laruns today, increased from Louvia-Juzon, and dependent on the Oloron district.

Things to see in Bielle are (we were on road warrior runs to Spain so not seen them ok)

Bielle Castle was built between 1766 and 1770 commissioned by the Marquis Jean-Joseph de Laborde. He was born near Jaca in Aragon (Spain) 1724 and died guillotined in Paris 1794,he was a French merchant and banker. The 15C Church of Saint-Vivien contains furniture and objects of interest. The 17C Chapel of Our Lady, at the place called Ayguelade, was rebuilt in the 19C.   The nature reserve for the nesting of wild vultures, created in 1974, is located on the territory of the towns of Aste-Béon, Bielle, Bilhères and Castet. The museum associated with it, called the “Vulture Cliff”, is located at the entrance to the village of Aste-Béon.

And yes we go around them up and down climbing further on and just beautiful country indeed worth the drive!  The Lauriolle peak at 1,858 meters, the Turon de la Técouère at 1,067 meters, and the Montagnon Peak at 1,973 meters are imposing mountains in the Ossau valley.  Of course, nothing better than our souvenir and wonderful memories of passing by here. We have come by here on our last family vacations to Spain  in 2017 with my dear late wife Martine ,and again stop for breakfast at the same bakery. We had our breakfast in our usual place now the boulangerie Laloubére facing the mountains where pastry, coffee and orange juice cost us  2,30€! The price has not change in these  trips along the road D934 route du Portalet. The bakery is small but very friendly ladies with it been right on the road , a nice place to have your coffees, breads, sweets, and orange juice. They have a main bakery in town at city center Bielle.



The town of Bielle on the bakery with the picture of city center location Place de la Mairie

The town of Bielle on its heritage

The Pyrénées Atlantiques 64 area tourist office on Bielle:

There you go folks , all set for a wonderful ride into the off the beaten paths beauties of my France , a wonderful trip to never forget, and looking forward to be back ,eventually.  Hope you enjoy the post on Bielle and the bakery shop Laloubére as I. Memories forever !!! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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