The Château de Montaner !

Going in my road warrior down to pretty Pyrénées Atlantiques dept 64 of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of my belle France. This was a pleasant surprise passing by we saw  a tower and decided to come in closer. We found the Château of Montaner in almost ruins but still very much alive.

Let me update this older post for you and me. In direction Morlaàs (see post) we passed by an old castle where winding roads needed to be taken up the road D7 and then D62. this is in ruins but the tower is in excellent shape rides and chivarly or knights contests for kids was very colorful. This is the Château de Montaner. It is located in the extreme east of the department, 25 km from Pau. The town is bordering the Occitanie region and the department of Hautes-Pyrénées.


Montaner owes its name to a lord named Aner who chose to settle there in the 8C. In 1370, Gaston Fébus made it a strategic place on the borders of Béarn facing Bigorre and Armagnac. He built a fortress overlooking the Adour valley. Gaston Fébus had understood the strategic interest of this territory whose eminences overhang the Adour valley, Bigorre , Armagnac and neighboring Béarn. The donjon of the count and viscount of Foix-Béarn thus dominates today this town with the fragmented territory. It extends over three hills and has several hamlets.


The Castle of Montaner was built in the 14C by Sicard de Lordat at the request of Gaston Fébus to protect the borders of Béarn against Bigorre and Armagnac. It includes a large polygonal enclosure pierced by two gates and bristling with a high square dungeon and the gate of the dungeon which is still today, the fortress is surmounted by the coat of arms Foix-Béarn, itself wearing the formula “Febus me fe”, or “Fébus me”. Since 1854, the castle is kept and managed by the general council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. In summer, there are many shows and events on the theme of the Middle Ages. The new tour offers a complete immersion in medieval times. A journey rich in emotions mixing past and virtual reality around the emblematic character of Gaston Fébus. With its new scenography, you will travel in the history and traditions of the 14C. You will discover the secrets of the construction of the castle, you will dive into the life of Gaston Fébus and the great courts of Europe of the 14C.


The official Château de Montaner :

The official Friends of the Château de Montaner :

The local Vic Montaner tourist office on the castle:

There you go folks, a nice stop as we arrive at the Château de Montaner when the jousting games were going on on horseback and was very nice. We did climb the tower on a big effort indeed but nice views over the valley below and the town. All a good stop on our road warrior trips in the Pyrénées Atlantiques dept 64.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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