The Historical Museum of the Grenadiers of Sardinia in Rome !

So now I come to you to update this all inclusive post and splitting them on its own as the museums merit it. I have seen some but not all, too many lol! I will post the ones I know, small,off the beaten paths museums, starting with the Historical Museum of the Grenadiers of Sardinia in Rome ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Historical Museum of the Grenadiers of Sardinia ( Museo storico dei Granaliere di Sardegna )is located in Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 7 in Rome.This is a military museum but can be visited on its 15 rooms;nice.


The idea of ​​collecting all the historical finds of the grenadiers of Sardinia came in 1899 to the commander of the Secondo Vandero regiment, when the unit was stationed in Piacenza. The following year Colonel Cesare Confalonieri had the same idea and built it in the new Parma office. With the transfer of the brigade to Rome, the two collections were reunited  in 1903 in some rooms of the Ferdinando di Savoia barracks at Termini train Station. Already in 1912, due to the quantity of materials collected, it was deemed appropriate to find a new layout for the museum and the Umberto I barracks in Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme was suggested as a new location.

The museum is divided into 15 rooms containing weapons of various origins, both Italian and foreign, as well as photographic material relating to WWI, the reasons for the awarding of gold medals for military valor given to grenadiers, plans of the places where they fought, flags and personal items donated by grenadiers themselves or their families. Also on the walls are engraved with gold letters the names of 8,500 grenadiers fallen in all the wars. The itinerary develops illustrating the most significant periods in the history of the military body, starting from its foundation in 1659 until 1870. It continues in the historical memories of the colonial wars of Eritrea (1896) and Libya (1911-1912), while the arms room preserves examples of weapons taken from the enemy during WWI and relics of the countryside of Albania, Greece and Yugoslavia. The itinerary continues in the room reserved for the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and Yugoslavia (1941-1943) and in the one that preserves the memory of the participation of grenadiers to the Resistance. On the first floor is the hall of honor dedicated to the rulers of the House of Savoy, supporters of the grenadier corps since its establishment. Two rooms dedicated to the Italo-Ethiopian war, a room dedicated to Lieutenant Guido Zanetti and one dedicated to the war flags of the regiment complete the museum. Indeed nice!

The official Historical Museum of the Grenadiers of Sardinia army museum :

The Rome tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a nice museum me think off the beaten path but all worth a visit while in Rome;you need time , there are so many nice museums there. I have collected them over time and some more than once. Enjoy the Historical Museum of the Grenadiers of Rome !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Great post ! I enjoyed. Diana

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  2. Honestly, I had never heard of this museum, but Roma has so much to offer. Great thanks!

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