The Pietro Canonica museum of Rome !

So now I come to you to update this all inclusive post and splitting them on its own as the museums merit it, I have seen some but not all, too many lol! I will post the ones I know, small,off the beaten paths museums, starting with the Pietro Canonica museum of Rome ! Hope you enjoy it as I

The Pietro Canonica Museum (Museo Pietro Canonica) is located 2 via Pietro Canonica, in the park of Villa Borghese (see post). It is dedicated to the work of Pietro Canonica.

The house is mentioned in documents of the 17C, under the name of Gallinaro: ostriches, peacocks and ducks were raised there to provide hunting for the Borghese family. The current name, Fortezzuola, (fortress in Italian) comes from the fact that it represents the walls of the city, in the medieval style. Later, in 1919, the building, which was used as administrative offices, suffered a fire, which decided its subsequent abandonment. In 1926 he was loaned to Pietro Canonica, who reorganized the building and turned the stables into exhibition halls for his work. When the sculptor died in 1959, a first collection of works formed the core of the museum. After the death of his second wife in 1987, the furniture of the residence is donated to the city of Rome, in accordance with his last wishes.


This internationally renowned sculptor, music lover and composer himself, was trained in Turin in the late 19C, and then stayed in the European courts, where the aristocracy ordered portraits and memorials. Pietro Canonica  moved to Rome in 1922 and in 1927 managed to get the city’s agreement to use the building that now houses the museum, to make it his home and his studio. In return, the artist agrees to give, after his death, all the works accumulated over the years on this occasion, to make a museum in his name. The museum offers various perspectives from the artist to the visitor: with the private apartment on the first floor, or with the sculptor’s studio on the ground floor. The exhibition halls bring together a large part of his work: from small busts to large equestrian statues, sculptures, drawings, models, and molds, in a collection that is also a journey through the tumultuous history of the late 19C, and the first half of the 20C. It also teaches the various stages and different machining processes in the art of sculpture.

The official Pietro Canonica museum

the Rome tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a nice museum me think off the beaten path but all worth a visit while in Rome;you need time , there are so many nice museums there. I have collected them over time and some more than once. Enjoy the Museo Pietro Canonica of Rome !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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