The Carlo Bilotti museum of Rome !

So now I come to you to update this all inclusive post and splitting them on its own as the museums merit it, I have seen some but not all, too many lol! I will post the ones I know, small,off the beaten paths museums, starting with the Carlo Bilotti museum of Rome ! Hope you enjoy it as I

The Carlo Bilotti Museum (Museo Carlo Bilotti) is located in the Orangery of Villa Borghese, at Viale Fiorello La Guardia (street). It is a museum of contemporary art belonging to the city of Rome which is part of the project museums park of the Villa Borghese (see post). The museum presents paintings, sculptures and watercolors from the collection donated by Italian-American entrepreneur and collector Carlo Bilotti, including works by Giorgio De Chirico, paintings by Gino Severini, Andy Warhol and Larry Rivers, and a sculpture by Giacomo Manzù. The museum is also equipped to present temporary exhibitions.


The story goes that in 1650, the Orangery was a two-story building with a small tower, covered galleries, a square courtyard decorated with paintings representing figures and landscapes and, in the center of the courtyard, a fountain in the shape of a ship. Subsequently, in addition to the one made under Cardinal Borghese, the building has undergone several changes and has completely lost its original appearance. At the end of the 18C, it was enlarged and decorated, in parallel with the development of the adjacent  Lake Garden. The building was then used for festivities and social events, and was called the “Pavilion of water games” or Casino dei giuochi acqua in Italian, because of the presence of fountains and nymphaea’s in a Baroque style.  In 1849, the building was destroyed during the battle of the Roman Republic. It was then rebuilt with a slightly different shape and without decoration, to accommodate the citrus trees during the winter, a function that earned it its current name. In 1903, when Villa Borghese came into possession of the city of Rome, it served as offices and dwellings; until 1982, it was the seat of a religious institute and offices of the municipality. The building was finally restored and the exterior was painted red to create a museum dedicated to Carlo Bilotti.

The official Carlo Bilotti museum

The Rome tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a nice museum me think off the beaten path but all worth a visit while in Rome;you need time , there are so many nice museums there. I have collected them over time and some more than once. Enjoy the Museo Carlo Bilotti of Rome !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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