La Forêt Fouesnant , the beach !!

This is one of those lovely spot of the many in my lovely Bretagne, that even living close and passing by close , went by but  never have gone in until now, and voilà La Forêt Fouesnant another gem in my belle France. Every trip out is a discovery in beauty ! I like to update this post and split into town and beach sides to tell you about La Forêt Fouesnant, the beach !

La Forêt-Fouesnant  is a town in the department 29 of Finistère, in the region of Bretagne. It has a marina, Port-la-Forêt, jointly with Benodet and Fouesnant. La Forêt-Fouesnant now forms the “Breton Riviera”, a new tourist destination. The town   is a seaside resort in the southern part of the Finistère, located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and more specifically the Bay of the Forêt, between Cape Coz (which is part of the neighboring town of Fouesnant) and Concarneau, in which uncorks the ria de La Forêt-Fouesnant.

For the boat lovers and I am one, love to be in them ,cruise on them,and be by them and lucky enough to have plenty here and a long tradition of seamen of all sorts. This is the marina port lovely and all facilities for non boaters alike.


Port-La-Forêt, 3rd Marina of southern Brittany, is the most important marina of the south Finistère, in the La Forêt Fouesnant . Since its creation in 1972, it has been experiencing intense activity, welcoming more than a thousand boats. Port-La-Forêt fits rather well into the landscape and has become a mecca for sports sailing.


La Foret Fouesnant port boats jun19

Kerleven Beach or Plage de Kerléven  is the large beach of La Forêt Fouesnant (1 km long). It lies at the bottom of the  Foret Bay (one of the deepest bays in southern Brittany, very well sheltered from the winds). It has very nice fine sand with a south exposure on the sun, and very flat that can be done with foot fishing and stand up padels enthusiasts. The beach is very well equipped with a supervised area in July and August, a mini sailing center, a free children’s play area and a restaurant directly on the sand which is very nice. Even if there are several campsites in the area, attendance is still reasonable even in the middle of August. Note that this bay has been subject to green algae for a few years. This beach is regularly cleaned and seaweed is collected at low tide (tractor). These algae would not be harmful provided they were picked up quickly (spreading a gas). On the other hand, be careful because it slips! We found a sparkling beach as per photo. Several accesses, the main one at the end of the road   route de Port la Forêt.


And with all this water around us, why not a beach, well this is an awesome beach right at the tip of idylic Glénan islands and it is just gorgeous.

The La Forêt Fouesnant tourist office on its ports

The official port la Forêt

The La Forêt Fouesnant tourist office on Kerleven beach:

My fav Plages Tv beach webpage on Kerleven beach

There you go folks, another gem in our lovely Bretagne, pretty Finistére and new found paradise of La Forêt Fouesnant only 83 km (about 52 miles)  from my house.  And of course, the beach is awesome! Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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