Varadero of Cuba !!!

This again a find in my vault of older pictures and a spot that needs to be in my blog. Many memories of going here as a child and my parents before me. It was a family tradition until the revolution put an end to it. Today the Varadero of old is gone and a new face is turning into new tourists unaware of its history. I like to tell you a bit more of Varadero of Cuba !!!

Varadero beach horse wagon NF 1998

Another favorite beach of my family were Guanabo ,Santa Maria del Mar ,and Salado (see post). Of course Varadero was the prime spot. As a child do not have pictures of it but did took in my last family visit in 1998. My parents of course had one from pre 1959. 

Varadero, is in the province of Matanzas, and part of the town of Cárdenas. Located on the northern coast of Cuba, Varadero is a popular beach resort, one of the largest in the Caribbean, It is precisely in the Hicacos Peninsula, 140 km of Havana, at the eastern end of the Via Blanca highway. The peninsula is only 1,200 meters at its widest point and is separated from the island of Cuba by the Kawama Channel. It is connected to the island by a drawbridge. Punta Hicacos, is the northernmost point of the island of Cuba and the closest to the United States. At the northern end of the peninsula is a nature reserve with pristine forests and beaches.

Varadero beach, also known as Playa Azul, stretches along the narrow peninsula between 700 and 1,200 meters wide. Its 22 km of white sand beach are characterized by a strip of fine white sand and a gentle descent of its platform towards the sea. Varadero, which is a free port, has conditions for diving, fishing, yachting, all kinds of nautical activities, skydiving and a congress center.

The first tourists began to frequent Varadero as early as the 1870s and for years it was considered an elite destination. Tourism flourished in the 1930s when Irénée Dupont de Nemours, an American billionaire, built an estate there. Irene Dupont own the land between the current 54th street to the popular Cueva del Pirata, that is, some 512 hectares, We have as December 15, 1887 as the date of the official foundation of Varadero.

One day Enrique Torres built a kiosk to sell all kinds of items, and in 1926 he built the hotel identified with his last name in 1926, The Torres Hotel was demolished in the 1960s to the surprise, frustration and embarrassment of architects and historians. Total demolition occurred in 1971. Meanwhile, in 1931, La Mansión Xanadú was built, a four-story mansion, numerous rooms and bathrooms, a library and even a superbly stocked cellar. It is located on the rock of San Bernardino

The Spaniard who was the director of the famous Arechabala rum factory, bought a plot of land around a lagoon and built his house in 1938, near which in 1945 the company would build a social club for its employees. residence located in Parque Josone (initials of the owners , José and Onelia). The tunnel built by José Arechabala S.A. is still active. below the first avenue that led to the beach, and which leads to the International Diving Center of the resort, which has the second largest coral reef on the planet. Between the current streets 42 and 48, the first hotel on the peninsula called “Varadero” and later “Club Nautico” was also built in 1915, for the participants of the rowing regatta which was held annually since 1910.

Varadero beach chinese resto fam 1998

The modest Torres Hotel was joined, in 1931, by the Kawama, and during this and the following decade, the Imperial (1936), Dos Mares, Casa La Rosa, Vista Alegre, Casa Portilla Inn, Miramar, Chez Roig, Playa Azul, Varadero, etc., as well as many other buildings outside the jurisdiction of Irene Dupont, In 1950, and with the aim of equipping the spa with a casino, an American company inaugurated the Hotel Varadero Internacional, which during the following years would become an emblem of the place and very exclusive gaming mecca. In addition, thanks to its good location, it has become an excellent base to explore nearby enclaves, since excursions to well-known places such as Cayo Blanco, the Bellamar Caves, Cueva Ambrosio, the Zapatata Peninsula, Bahía Cochinos depart from here; Boca de Guamá, with its Taíno Village and the Laguna del Tesoro, or even nearby cities such as Trinidad, Cienfuegos or Santa Clara.

varadero beach pipo y mima de vacaciones en cuba

The current Cuba tourist site on Varadero:

There you go folks, another dandy of my old Cuba , memories forever, even if today they are becoming blurred and far away in my mind. Varadero still an attracting place even if the crowds are different and the conditions worse; life goes on in this sad forgotten island of the powers to be . Hope you enjoy the post on Varadero and see if for yourselves eventually.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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7 Comments to “Varadero of Cuba !!!”

  1. Muy interesante el articulo Pedro. He estado en Cuba dos veces, pero no llegue hasta Varadero, quizá porque me pareció que estaba explotado demasiado para lograr turismo y como no estoy de acuerdo con el regimen comunista que desgobierna la isla, no quise dejarle mas Euros por ahi. Pero bueno, tu historia es de los tiempos buenos de Cuba, cuando Cuba era Cuba y las fotos muy bellas. Un saludo y feliz domingo mi amigo.

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  2. I stopped in Varadero during my trip to Cuba, the beach is indeed gorgeous. It is still a place where Cubans can also access, there are beaches that are reserved for foreigners.

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