Plaza de España of Barcelona !!

And I bring you out to the Mediterranean again, and lovely Barcelona. I am updating this older post as this was my entry point to the city from the airport at Prats.  It is a complicated city now, but the beauty of it still shines on,and should be a must when visiting SpainOne of the most known and emblematic places there is the Spain square or Plaza de España (Spa) and Plaça de Espanya (Cat).  I like to tell you a bit more on it ; hope you enjoy it as I.


The Plaza de España in Barcelona is one of the most emblematic squares in the city. It was built during the International Exhibition of 1929. With 34 000 m² of space , it is the second largest square in SpainIt is an important center of the traffic of the city, to converge in it the Gran Vía de las Cortes Catalanas,  the avenida del Paralelo, Calle Tarragona, Calle Creu Coberta and the Avenida de la Reina María Cristina , through which one accedes to the zone of Montjuïc , and where the Feria de Muestras  and the Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña are located. Other important buildings of the square are the Las Arenas shopping center (former bullring, Neo-Mudejar style) and the Plaza Hotel, as well as the so-called Venetian towers, built for the exhibition of 1929. There are also the Municipal Institute of Education and a police station of the Mossos.

As far as transport is concerned, under the square are the station of Plaza de España of the metro lines 1 and 3 ,and another of the railways of the Generalitat of Catalonia. As well as the express bus from the airport stops here; and yes folks I have taken it several times, a breeze !


The plaza de España was projected as a communication route between Barcelona and the towns of lower Llobregat. After a first project to urbanize Plaza in 1915, the works were finally continued from 1926. They designed a monumental ensemble of circular form, around a hemicycle formed by a colonnade of Baroque style, influenced in the square of Saint Peter of the Vatican city by Bernini. In the access of the square that leads to the Avenue de la Reina Cristina two high towers were placed in the form of Campaniles, inspired by the campanile of San Marcos of Venice.


In the middle of the square where the end of the city was previously found on the old Madrid road is a monumental fountain with an ornate sculptural decoration. of classical inspiration, the iconographic sense of the work represents a poetic allegory to Spain: on a pond of triangular plant is located a aedicule with three niches with sculptural groups that symbolize the rivers that flow into the three seas that surround the Iberian Peninsula, the Ebro (Mediterranean), the Guadalquivir and the Tagus (Atlantic) and some figures of teenagers for the rivers of the Cantabrian Sea, in the vertices of the pond are located three groups representing the fruits and gifts of the waters: abundance, public health  and fishing and navigation, around the central body are located three columns with various figures and emblems that symbolize religion (a cross with Ramon Llull, St. Teresa of Jesus and St. Ignatius of Loyola), heroism (a sword with Don Pelayo, Jaime I of Aragon,  and the Arts (a book with Ausiàs March and Miguel de Cervantes); Finish the work a censer of fire with three victories, work in bronze. Beautiful all !!!


The city of Barcelona on the plaza de España

The Barcelona tourist office on the square of Spain

There you go folks ,another jewel in the crown of Spain ,yes! Plaza de España of Barcelona. One of th sights to be and walk all over, I have stayed lately near it in nice hotels and it is always a pleasure to see it. You should too!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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